Sunday, October 26, 2008

Today's post at N&N

So this is the latest I've ever posted my blog. Quiet a few things have been going on around here lately, and let's just say when the opportunity arose to take the hell off for the night last night, well I took it.

Stress is such a nasty little word. But you know when, as my grandfather would have said, 'you're knee deep in the sh*t,' because your body let's you know.

At this moment I'm on a no stress order from my doctor until I can get into see her on Tuesday. My blood pressure was 184/132. Which they tell me, is a prime number to indicate a heart attack...Oh, YAY me *snort* So off to the ER I went.

Not my favorite place to be. Let me tell you. Even though they are awesome at this ER, and I wouldn't want to go any where else.

So a Halloween party I did go to last night, and what fun it was!! Although we scooted out early, it was nice to spend time alone with my man.

Well, that's it, I'm tired, and I'm going to lay down. Hope everyone has an awesome day out there today. It's beautiful in my part of FL today. We drove with the top back and the windows down. Love that fresh air and sunshine!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Winners from my Fall Giveaway

Okay folks, the time I've been waiting for *rubbing hands together*

My winners are...(drum roll please)

A Slave's Way Out - Linda N.
The Devil Himself - Joan F.
A Night to Remember - arafel1962@
A Night to Remember - Caitlin H.



Thank you to everyone who entered,and keep a look out, you never know when I'm going to toss up a giveaway!!

Chatting Today...

That's right, I'm over at The REC with The Midnight Seductions Authors chating.

MSA is a promotional group of 30 authors from different publishing houses and genres of Romance.

And, I'll be announcing the winners to my month long contest at 7 PM EST.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wow - What else...

Well, the tooth below did not get pulled. Nope, C's blood pressure was so high that they wouldn't even touch it, and made me go to the ER. Yeah, so that's what happened. Like sitting in the dentist chair wouldn't make anyone's BP soar, right. *snort*

So now I have to wait until I go see my Dr. before I can go back to the dentist.

Yeah, sitting here with a bad tooth, that makes my day a whole lot better. NOT. At least they gave me some antibiotics and pain killers. So at bed time, I'll be loopy, hehe.

I have to remind everyone that there's only one more day left to enter my HUGE Giveaway!!

Go to my web site for more info...

Hope today finds everyone in good health and good harmony!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tooth Ache

Yeah, what the title says...I've been dying here for the last few days with a major tooth ace. Yesss, I knew it needed to come out like three years ago, but it's at that point where *pulling hair out* I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!

So after work, and other stuff, it's off to the dentist. Thank God for the nitrous oxide (laughing gas). I love that stuff!! I do believe that as I've gotten older, I've gotten more -- cowardly, shall we say about going to the dentist. Not really sure why, it just happened that way.

Hope everyone has a better day than me!!

I found these and thought I'd toss them up. LOL. I do write erotica you know. *wink*

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Working hard for my money

I was thinking that the blog I'm writing has nothing to do with 'writing', but then I thought, yes it does. It was my hard-earned money, and that money came from me writing.

So this is what happened. We all know the economy sucks big right now. It's hard for everyone in one way or another.

Well, my son and I were in the grocery store picking some goodies up for a home school adventure day. That's what we call going on a field trip, because it's so much more…it's really an Adventure!!

Anywho, as we're standing in line I handed the boy three bucks. Well boys being boys, he dropped it when some magazine model wearing a bikini caught his interest, LOL. He's 12.
Well I saw him bend down to gather his lost currency, not realizing that he hadn't gotten all of it. (But the girl behind him sure as hell did)

So on our way out, I looked at him and asked where the change was. "It was only $2 mom," I said yeah so where's the other dollar? He looked at me like I had three heads, and told me I'd only given him $2. So pulled him back into the store I did, and right to the register. I go in there ALL the time, so a lot of the clerks know me. And when she smiled at me I asked if she'd seen the dollar my son dropped, because he had $3.

That's when, people…this 19 -22 year old ( old enough to know better) that was behind us says, 'Oh this." As she's pulling it out of her pocket.
I said yes, thank you, as I'm thinking, "you b*tch, you knew he dropped it," hopefully my "look" was the same one her mother gave her when she got in trouble.

But obviously it didn't work, because the little *$&?" !~&*^%, didn't have enough manners, morals or just plain honesty to give it back to its owner.

What in the hell is wrong with people today? You see someone drop something and pick it up quickly shoving it in your pocket????

The day my son did that would be the day I whipped his a$$ red all the way home!! I don't give a damn how old he is! That's stealing, and it's something this mom WILL NOT put up with, even when I'm 80!! You know what – He knows it, (Not that the above (whipping of the red butt) has ever happened, because it hasn't)

So I'm happy to say, at least I know I've done right by raising my son to be honest!

Obviously her mother should have followed that theory.

On a side note…the clerk at the register…yeah she saw the whole thing, so I'm pretty sure she'll remember that girl's face the next time she sees her in the store.

Karma sweetheart, Karma!!

Hope you folks have a great day!! It's gorgous in my part of FL right now!!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Japanese Anime

Thursday night, I hiked all the way to Gainsville again, to see the second movie of the live action Japanese Anime - Death Note.

That's right, with only two showings I purchases my tickets online and off we went.

My son and I are big Japanese Anime fans. The first part in May was awesome!! Everyone stood up and cheered when L made his onscreen appearance.

The second part was awesome too. I realize that the director had to change things a bit near the end, or else there would have been a Death Note 3 (not that we would have minded).

Who cared if at both I was the oldest one there, my son the youngest, and my honey the tallest (he's 6'2), LOL. It was a ball!!

Again, again, let's do it again!! And we probally will with all the new live actions being made.

We've heard rumors of Cowboy Bebop, staring Johnny Depp, and Ghost in the Shell, and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head.
I've also blogged over at Nice & Naughty Authors today about "Working hard for my Money"
Stop by and check it out. It's about my son losing a dollar in the store, and well...go look, LOL.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Welcome to the Blogger

As most AOL users discovered, AOL is getting rid of their Journals. So I've inported mine over here to Google Blogger.
As you can see by the two previous entries that have been imported, I didn't spend a lot of time over at AOL Journals.

Here I do. I belong to three other blogs, all revolving around my writing career.

I post:
Every Sunday at the Nice & Naughty Authors blog

And every 5th of the month at The Midnight Seductions Authors blog

I'm also a member of The Wilderroses blog

Thanks for reading and Welcome to my little part of the blogger!