Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aldiko's Andriod Phone Partnered w/ARe

Has anyone heard of the android phone? ARe sent the following email to me last month and I was wondering if anyone had the pleasure or fright of using one.

Thanks to: mitraselcom / photobucket

We wanted to give you notice of a press release that was issued yesterday to the public. Feel free to let your readers know - this is one more way they will be able to purchase and enjoy your books. Smartphone sales are up with a very impressive show of growth for the Google-powered Android phone. Android owners (like iPhone/iPod Touch owners) will be able to download an app that will contain the All Romance catalog providing instant access to thousands of ePub titles.

Lori JamesCOO, All Romance eBooks, LLCDownload and Read Thousands of All Romance™ eBooks Right on Your Android™Smartphone with the Aldiko Application
All Romance eBooks (ARe) has partnered with Aldiko to make their eBook catalog available to Google's Android-powered mobile phones.

Palm Harbor, FL (
PRWEB) October 8, 2009 – Readers will now be able to browse, search and seamlessly download more than 10,000 [eBooks], including free reads, to their Android phones directly from ARe without a computer, cable or subscription using the Aldiko application.With the Aldiko app readers can easily browse ARe's extensive online book catalog, read detailed descriptions and book reviews, and quickly find the books they are looking for using a powerful search tool right on their Smartphone. They can organize their purchases by criteria such as title, author, or subject, edit detail information, tag, bookmark and search—all on a fully customizable display. New features include a full text search that allows readers to find words globally within the book, and a look up feature, which lets users search for a word in the dictionary, Wikipedia, or on Google.
"Readers love the convenience of being able to download ARe's eBooks anytime, anywhere," said Julie Cummings, ARe's manager of Publicity and Marketing. "Earlier this year we launched an iPhone compatible catalog and it's been hugely popular with our consumers who use ATT. We're really excited to now bring that same service to customers who use other cellular carriers," Cummings added.

"Our mission at Aldiko is to provide an open platform where users can discover, access, read and manage a wide variety of digital publications instantly and seamlessly" said Tiffany Wong, co-founder of Aldiko. "The partnership with ARe will help us offer the best and broadest selection of titles to our users."

Aldiko is available worldwide and is free on the Android Market as well as available as a paid premium app for Android open platform phones. To learn more visit Aldiko at and Android at All Romance eBooks, LLC was founded in 2006, is privately held in partnership, and headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company owns All Romance, which specializes in the sale of romance eBooks and OmniLit, which sells both fiction and non-fiction eBooks.
Aldiko Limited was founded in 2009. The company has developed an ebook reader application, "Aldiko Book Reader" for use on Android-powered devices. . With Aldiko, users can build and organize their digital library, read on the go and wirelessly browse and download from a broad range of digital publications right on their Android-powered devices.
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So what do you think? Does anyone have any reviews out there of knowledge of this gadget?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Amazon VS. Wal-mart

Have you guys heard of the price wars Amazon and Wal-mart are engaging in over books? I've been following it briefly, but I have to say YAY for authors! With spending down abit because of the economy, retailers are fighting to keep their customers. So they're slashing prices or offering deals. Nothing like good healthy compatition to keep you going, LOL.

Here's an article I read at Publisher's Weekly

Retailer offering same-day delivery in seven major cities

By Lynn Andriani -- Publishers Weekly, 10/16/2009 7:55:00 AM
Amazon has fired the most recent shot in the
pricing war with Wal-Mart that broke out Thursday, by introducing same-day delivery in seven major cities and expanding its Saturday delivery options. After cut the price of its top 10 pre-ordered titles to $10 (which includes free shipping) on Thursday, Amazon followed suit, and yesterday, both retailers dropped pricing on those 10 titles down to $9. Now, Amazon has announced it will begin offering same-day delivery in Baltimore, Boston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington, D.C. (it already offers the service in New York).

Amazon’s same-day shipping charge is $14.99, plus $3.99 per book. The cut-off time for ordering with same-day delivery ranges from 10:00 a.m. local time in New York and Philadelphia, to 1:00 p.m. local time in Seattle. Girish Lakshman, v-p of transportation at Amazon, said “We want to make online shopping as convenient as possible.” In addition to the same-day delivery service, the retailer will now deliver items ordered before the cut-off time on Thursday using two-day shipping on Saturday (instead of Monday).

Among the $9 titles is Going Rogue by Sarah Palin, due out from HarperCollins November 17. Amazon and Wal-Mart offer the book for $9, while and are selling it for $17.39. The book's list price is $28.99. Other $9 hardcovers include Kindred in Death by J.D. Robb (Putnam), The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver (Harper) and Ford County by John Grisham (Doubleday).

The image was found at photobucket: zeprock

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Barnes & Noble New eReader

I recently read an article on Barnes and Noble's new ereader that will be hitting the scene shortly.
The ereader is said to have a touch screen with a virtual keyboard. Okay, now for someone like me who hits every button while the item is sitting in my purse, this could be a good thing, as long as it has a cover or keyboard lock on it. Supposedly hte screen is in color as well, instead of the black and white Kindle.

Does the color of the screen matter to you?? For me, I'm thinking not really, if you have the option of black and white or color, that's okay, but it's not going to be a sale buster for me.

It needs to feel right in the palm of my hand and have the ease and comfort I'm looking for in order for me to buy it.

I'm curious as to how it's going to fair against Amazon's Kindle and the Sony ereader. Barnes and Noble is after all one of the biggest book sellers around.

I'm psyched that you can now log onto the Barnes and Noble website and find my ebooks!!

So tell me, what do you think?