Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nice N' Naughty: The Holidays are upon us

Nice N' Naughty: The Holidays are upon us: "Arrrgggg, Yes they are here. The feet are burning, the back is aching, the hands are shaking and the eyes are twitching. Yes the holidays ar..."

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nice N' Naughty: Early Christmas Present...YAY ME!!

Nice N' Naughty: Early Christmas Present...YAY ME!!: "Yesterday I was graced with one of my Christmas presents. YAY!! It's not because secrets can't be held, it's because my desk top tower has b..."

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nice N' Naughty: Typing one handed...ahhhhhh

Nice N' Naughty: Typing one handed...ahhhhhh: "Yes, that's right and it's exactly as it sounds. I've had some issues with my right hand for the past week and has been taken off right hand..."

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nice N' Naughty: Love this weather

Nice N' Naughty: Love this weather: "Ahhh yessss! The weather here in my little part of Florida has finally turned NICE and BEARABLE!! 80's during the day with little to no humi..."

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nice N' Naughty: Age...

Nice N' Naughty: Age...: "Does it help us or does it hinder us? Well I have to say both at some point in our lives. Depending on what the issue is and so forth. Now t..."

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nice N' Naughty: Positions

Nice N' Naughty: Positions: "Oh yes, hehehhe, C has a big grin on her face. LOL After reading or writing about a position, do you say “Hey honey, can we try this?” Not o..."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nice N' Naughty: The Muse of Music

Nice N' Naughty: The Muse of Music: "It just hit me recently that no matter where I am and a song's on, my muse decides to hit me smack between the eyes with a story idea. I als..."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Crazy Drivers...

See this sign...

Yep, saw it a lot myself on our vacation. From Florida to Massachusetts. Going up and coming back.
Ok, so, let's give them kudos on actually trying to fix the highways and byways, but what's with drivers when there are "No" working signs and all of a sudden we're slamming on our brakes in the middle of the highway, then we get back up to a good 30 MPH and Blamo, slamming on the breaks again, then you have the well, I'll whip over to this lane and that lane and this lane again, because they look like they're going faster people [ Insert Homer strangling Bart ] Quick give me my blood pressure meds, LOL.

Living in my part of Florida, I've noticed that here we have some pretty decent roads. What can I say...Mass hasn't changed. You still can't see the lines on the Mass Pike at night and the instant ramp on, *here we come* to the ramp off 200 feet from that...yeah, don't know how I didn't crash while learning how to drive, LOL. Oh but wait... I still say in crazy driving situations, which are usually in big cities ..."Don't make me go Mass on you!" LOL.

Hope you all have a great day!!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

What do you do at Midnight??

So, I'm sitting at the kitchen table the other night, because that's where I've set up my net book to write at the moment. It's midnight and I'm typing away on a new Sci-Fi erotic romance that popped into my head. I look up after completing a sentence to see my 14 year old on my desk top in the living room watching some Japanese Anime (It's home school's two weeks out summer time, so I've been a bit lenient on the bed time) and I whisper his name, (The man of the house is fast a sleep by now and I don't want to wake him up) so my son looks over and I start waving like a crazy lady, LOL. He gives me that, 'you're weird lady look' and then starts waving back with a big smile on his face.

Writing near midnight is easy for me. I think it's because I've had time to decompress from all the junk during the work day, my mind is cleared and I can focus on the story I want to get out.

After starting the editing process over the last few chapters of a book around midnight and finishing around 2 AM, I sent it to my editor and she said it was the best editing I'd done on the book. She didn't see anything wrong with my words, my grammar, or my dang little run on sentences LOL.(yeah, grammar still kicks my butt in several ways LOL)and ya know what...Best Selling book of the year 2007 at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. YAY. (That would be A Slave's Way Out :-) )

So there's something to be said about Midnight. Although It's not to easy getting up for the day job when I pull all nighters *sigh, wink* LOL

Have a great day and read lots!!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bloggers Block *scratches head*???

Is that what I have, well I think so. I've had writers block and that's a nightmare. Can blogging block be any better? No, I don't think so. For the last three weeks and even today, I've had the hardest time coming up with an issue to blog about, soooo, I didn't.

But...I'm here to say I think I have bloggers block, how much of a pain in the as$ is that!! I didn't want to go another week passing a posting by, so I thought I'd share.

Hopefully I'll be re-energized in a few weeks. I'll be heading out for a family vacation and one of our stops is Salem, Mass. It's kind of ironic if you ask me, why, well because...I was born and grew up in Mass, lived there my whole life until my early 30's then moved. Never once visited Salem, and now that I live in Florida...where do I go, LOL. Salem. A little backwards but hey, oh well. LOL. That's OK, I haven't been to St. Augustine since I moved to Florida. :-) BUT, we are planning a trip there for...Halloween. To be in the oldest city in the US on Halloween is something I really don't want to miss for another year and honestly, you really have to love the beaches on the Atlantic side of Florida. The Gulf is OK, but growing up a Mass kid, I'm kinda biased to the Atlantic.

Well, I guess I had more to write about than I thought, LOL.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two Weekend Movies

Ok, so, we had two new movies delivered to us this week from Netflix. Ninja Assassin and Legion.
Both I thought were really good action movies.

Legion was basically about the big guy sick of humanities bullsh*t and sends an army of angels to possess us and wipe us out. Of course well known arc-angel Michael takes a dislike to this and comes to Earth to save humanity from themselves.
As we sat and watched this flick, all I could think about was, “Well when are they going to tell us what’s going on, why did Michael come to Earth.” The plot was a little lacking. If they had extended the movie to two hours, I think it would have given them time to get it together a bit more and not leave me confused as to what was going on. All in all it was a good movie, the action was there, the gun fire, the killing and some grossness, LOL. Yes I said grossness. What I really liked was that it didn’t leave all the good guys alive. People die in war, good or bad and this movie didn’t take sides.

I thought Ninja Assassin was pretty damn cool. I like martial arts movies…it’s all Bruce Lee’s fault! The action is definitely there! The plot was together which held for the ending of the movie. There was a lot of blood, hey that’s to be expected with Ninja’s right, swords, stars and all the good stuff. But I do have to say several parts were a bit way bloody and violent. I actually turned my head during one bathroom scene where the hero had to kill a guy in the bathroom to gain his allegiance to the family. What I really liked was the slightly romantic undertone to the flick between the hero and a woman of his clan. I’m not saying anymore if you haven’t seen it, LOL.
Now my boyfriend thought the plot was lacking, but the action made up for it.

All in all two good movies.

Hope everyone has a great last day of the weekend!!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Available for Kindle

C. A. Salo’s Erotic Sci-Fi romance A LADY’S CHALLENGE is now available for Kindle at $4.79.


Welcome to Neris, Mercenary planet light years from our own Milky-way Galaxy.

Lieutenant Trea Padame, is not only the second in command of the mercenary warship Catalysts’ security division, she’s also hiding the truth from all that she’s a lady. She is to take her father’s seat as head of her family’s house in the Eastern Lowlands unless she can find a warrior to take as her life mate and has her eyes set on —

First Commander Daniel Hedden of the Catalyst, who’s used to men following his every command on duty and Trea following them in bed. Can the warrior in him find the way to free his heart of past memories, forgive Trea hiding her identity from him and let an ancient revelation come true, or will he disregard all and face losing Trea forever to an enemy who’s set to take Trea and her village for his own?

Readers Reviews for A LADY’S CHALLENGE:

I LOVE IT!! The story flows well, tossing you into the action from the first page and even though I read the first book “A Slave’s Way Out”, this book stands on its own. I’m thinking by the way the book ended, there’s one more in the works. I can’t wait!!!!
--- M. Morris ~ Reader

Ok Just so everyone knows... A Lady's Challenge is a great read. Just finished it. So I have a question. Is there going to be a 3rd book in the series??? Hmmm???
--- Denise Rutherford ~ Face Book Friend and Reader

Link to A Lady’s Challenge Amazon Kindle page:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

2 Books for UNDER $2 Each...WOW!!

Okay, so after many computer issues this morning with the desk top (ready to toss that thing out the window) My hot stud of a man got me up and going on my netbook(which of course I was having minor issues as well with *sigh*)!! WOO-HOO, let's here it for C's honey!! This girl is not patient when it comes to computer and technology!

So, on to the title of today's blog...

Barnes and Noble people, that's right, Barnes and Noble has 2 of my books for UNDER $2.00!!!! You can't beat that crazy price!!!!

A Slave's Way Out from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid - $ 1.96


Destined to Mate from The Wild Rose Press - $ 1.25

Is that a Summer Spectacular deal or what????

They also have:

The Devil Himself from Whiskey Creek Press for $ 2.13...*Eyes wide* WOW

The link...well you go:

A Lady's Challenge - Sequel to A Slave's Way Out hasn't been added to the Barnes and Noble family yet, but I look for it everyday!!
She is however doing very well over at where she's the number three seller for WCPT!! How awesome is that!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

So, this blog is going to be short and sweet :-) Happy Dad's Day to all those wonderfully Awesome Dad's out there!!!!

My Dad is the best Dad in the whole wide world and always will be!! He' s always been supportive of my writing and is there to say you can do it, how's your books doing, don't worry I'll take care of the hotel for your convention, just go and have a good time.

He gets mad when I send him a Sears gift card for Father's Day and tells me "I'm gonna smack you upside the back of the head."
I say...You know your dad loves you when...he wants to smack you upside the back of the head, LOL.

Again, Happy Fathers Day to all those dad's out there who deserve it!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Writing Exercises

Does anyone do writing exercises to keep the mind focused on writing so you don't get writers block?

Or have you had writers block and tried them? Did they work?

I look at the ones in my Writers Digest magazine and think yeah OK, and just flip the page. Both when I was having the "block" and not. I know they help a lot of writers, but it doesn't work that way for me. I have to be in the right emotional state of mind, the right "time" shall we say. I just can't sit down after working all day and expect something to come to me, the day job needs to disappear and the mind needs to be in a 'relaxed' state, and of course I need the plot ticking away within my skull.

As long as the ideas of a story come to me, I'm usually all set. I mentioned in a previous blog, that one hit while I was driving and that was in no way a good thing. LOL.
But I have noticed that if I am in a writers block, and the "exercises" bore me, I just have to sit back, relax and let the mind go blank. Eventually something within eye sight or hearing range will spark the writing idea, whether it's 10 minutes, 10 days or ten weeks. Which by then can become frustrating, yet if i try to "push" it, *eyes rolling up* yeah, that doesn't work to well.

I am however thinking about going to visit my local RWA Chapter. Being a solitary writer can be lonely sometimes and it's good to mix it up with others who share your passion for your craft, that can advise, critique and smile at you.

So on that note...I hope everyone has a great day and a better week ahead!!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vacation -- What's that??

LOL, Yeah, OK. Well this girl forgot how much of a pain in the butt it is to plan for a vacation, seeing as how I haven't been on one in five years.
The when and time we're going to leave, the Atlas and Map Quest and GPS, plus the directions from the family to "Avoid" those problem places.

Yeah, I go with my Dad and brother's travel routes, seeing as how they travel those areas for 90% of their jobs and even though it's 'orange barrel season' (ya know - construction)they'll be able to get me around the worst of the worst and through Hartford Conn. before rush hour YAY *Snoopy Dance* However, my mom has a secret route that bypasses Hartford, hmmmmmm -- "MOM, get your pen out"

Because folks, this girl and the family is trucking out from Florida to Massachusetts and then back again, stopping over in several more states to visit more family WOOT!! All of this in a WEEK! Can you believe it!!

Yet somehow, I see myself needing a vacation when I get back. LOL.

And the boy doesn't know it yet...but several stops will be made along the way and while he'll think it's just part of the road trip--which it will be *cough* it will be a home school extravaganza!! YAY...Oopps SHHHHHHH -- don't tell the teenager, he'll just rebel, LOL.

Don't forget to check out my latest release with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid - A Lady's Challenge -- Sequel to A Slave's Way Out, Best Selling Torrid Title of the Year 2007.

Hope everyone has a great day!! *waving hand* BYE

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Crazy Store Prices

With veggies becoming much more expensive in the stores, I've decided to take matters into my own hands.

YUP...I planted a garden.

Now farming is in my blood, my grandfather had a huge farm up north (people down here call them ranches.) It was a pig farm, but there was every animal you could think of, including work horses to pull out the fallen trees in the fall to heat the house for the entire einter. Huge fields of corn, hey if it didn't sell it went to make cow corn for the winter.

My grandmothers personal garden was nothing to sneeze at. It was a good half acre and had everything from corn to strawberries. We never went without a good pickle or blackberries in the winter time. Yummy!! And there was an apple orchard about about an acre in size.

So I've done what I can and we have two raised beds, one herbs, one veggies. The romaine lettuce is coming very well and we've been snipping leaves off for sandwiches. The sweet banana peppers and cubana peppers are belling. I'm waiting for the 72 bell pepper seeds planted to start peeking up out of the soil and the only tomato plant to start doing it's thing.

I can't wait to start with the summer squash and zucchini!!

My herbs, I love fresh herbs!! There's nothing like walking out doors in the morning before the heat of the sun, OK it's Florida, so I go out after the sun has gone down to gather my mint or sweet basil or chives for baked potatoes that night with dinner.

Fresh grown's a good thing :-)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

So I'm driving down the road, when....

Yeah, I'm driving home the other day from my second work site and BAM...a story plot hits.

Yes, a story and as it starts working out the dialog with in my brain, I have to remember that, HEY I'm driving, yep that's a green light, no brakes needed.

Not the safest time to have a plot running rampant through the thought process, so those internal fingers quickly push the aggressive story plot to the side. Turn up the radio and start singing, DAMN no good! Music encourages my muse. Turn down the radio and open the windows. Blast of 90 degree heat and crazy Florida humidity.
Well it helped stop the plot and started the old complaint about, why in the heck do I still live in Florida when I can't stand the humidity. LOL

I tell my friend what happened and she chuckled at me. Yep, she knows that feeling of your just doing something and then a whopping plot hits you upside the head. She writes children's books.

Mention it to someone else who doesn't write and it's "Well keep your eyes on the
road and pay attention." And I just say right back "Well DUR dumbass."

Huh, well the plot is Sci-Fi, off of Earth and has some interesting characters LOL.

So, I'm going to leave off there with just a little promotion...

A Lady's Challenge, Sequel to my Best Selling Torrid Title of the Year,
A Slave's Way Out HAS released with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!! YIPPEE!!

Stop by and take a lookee see!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Releasing May 15th

I can't wait, I'm soooo psyched *Doing the Snoopy dance*!! The sequel to A Slave's Way Out is COMING!!

A Lady's Challenge is releasing with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid on May 15th!!

Welcome to Neris, Mercenary planet light years from our own Milky-way Galaxy.

Lieutenant Trea Padame, is not only the second in command of the mercenary warship Catalysts’ security division, she’s also hiding the truth from all that she’s a lady. She is to take her father’s seat as head of her family’s house in the Eastern Lowlands unless she can find a warrior to take as her life mate and has her eyes set on —

First Commander Daniel Hedden of the Catalyst, who’s used to men following his every command on duty and Trea following them in bed. Can the warrior in him find the way to free his heart of past memories, forgive Trea hiding her identity from him and let an ancient revelation come true, or will he disregard all and face losing Trea forever to an enemy who’s set to take Trea and her village for his own?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Avatar The Movie

avatar Pictures, Images and Photos

Finally I was able to watch the movie Avatar last night. I really did enjoy it, the special effects were awesome.

However, I couldn't help noticing how much of a resemblance our own history with the native peoples of our planet have with the natives of Pandora against an intruder onto their lands. Oh you know, The lets go in and take what we think is ours no matter what we have to do syndrome.

Only the big blue natives of Pandora won their fight. Dare I say it...why yes I will, YAY *Clapping hands*

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sequel to Slave's AVAILABLE in Less than a month!

I am so stoked!!!! Sequel to my Best Selling Torrid Title of the Year 2007 A Slave's Way Out --
A Lady's Challenge is being released on May 15th with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!!

This book's release has been long in coming for me. I wasn't able to work on it steadily, but in pieces a little each day. The outline was written while in the waiting area as my car was being worked on because that was the only down time I had that day.

I love Trea's story. It shows the strength of a woman who will go after what she believes and the courage of a man to face and defeat emotional wrongs endured in his life.

Here's a Blurb...

Welcome to Neris, Mercenary planet light years from our own Milky-way Galaxy.

Lieutenant Trea Padame, is not only the second in command of the mercenary warship Catalysts’ security division, she’s also hiding the truth from all that she’s a Lady.

She is to take her father’s seat as head of her family’s house in the Eastern Lowlands unless she can find a warrior to take as her life mate and has her eyes set on—First Commander Daniel Hedden of the Catalyst, who’s used to men following his every command on duty and Trea following them in bed.

Can the warrior in him find the way to free his heart of past memories, forgive Trea hiding her identity from him and let an ancient revelation come true, or will he disregard all and face losing Trea forever to an enemy who’s set to take Trea and her village for his own?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Men and Video Games

Ok, what's the deal anyway? Sure they're fun, but I grew out of video games when I hit 17. I mean we're talking about Star Wars, PacMan and Ms. PacMan, Asteriods, Donkey Kong...Oops, is that giving away my age, LOL...Ahh, who cares, I'll be 39 in May ;-)

I do have to admit, how far the graphics on the games have come. I'll sit and watch my teenage son or my boyfriend play. But sitting hours on end playing is just something I can't get into anymore.

Although, my son did have me sit and play Baukugan (If that's even spelled right?) on his XBox 360. Ok, so it was fun, and it lasted for all of thirty minutes. LOL. We had to finish getting him ready for his week of fieldtrip/roadtrip and adventure to North Carolina.

I'm guessing it's like my writing to me. I will sit for "hours on end" writing, editing, reading and that gives me enjoyment. And the both of them will sit and read for about an hour or before bedtime before they have to get moving.

I'd just make it known that video gameing happens on week nights, after school work, chores and dinner are done, but mostly on the weekends if outings aren't planned.

What are your thoughts on video games? Do you sit and play, watch or go do something else?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eating light for the summer - Would you change your menu up?

With the warmer months upon us, I've decided to do something about the little complaint going around the house.
"I need to lose a few pounds."

So I've asked a friend of mine for several vegan receipes. Her look was commical!
"You Miss meat eater, the bloodier the better, wants vegan receipes?"

I said, who better than to ask than you.

It's not like I intend a full vegan menu, not only me but my men would never go for it. I all ready got "The Look" when I mentioned it, but I came back with..."You've been complaining too and it's only a few days a week and our big dinners slow down in the summer." The argument stopped there, LOL.

But I figure what's wrong with switching two or three meals out a week. Veggies are good for us, and besides, I don't like eating heavy meals in the summer time. You know those "comfort meals" good for a rainy or old day.
It's summer, it's hot and my belly rejects a lot of heavy stuff. OK so maybe it's all in the mind, but I have noticed in past years, that I do lose a few more punds in the summer. *YAY ME* right, LOL.
I'm also intending on building two raised beds, one for veggies and one for herbs. Not only for hte meals I intend to cook, but have you seen the prices in the stores lately? Holy Moly Batman! Talk about price gouging.

So I ask you, do you notice yourself eating lighter during the hot and humid months? Would you change up the menu a bit?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back to Blogging...

I know I haven't posted in two weeks, Apologies for that!!

I've recently been promoted at the day job. You know, that job you have to keep from becoming a starving artist :-) and the first round of edits hit my eyes for A Lady's Challenge (Sequel to A Slave's Way Out) releasing in May 2010.

Soooo needless to say, I've been super duper busy and had to prioritize. Not that blogging isn't a prioity to me, but let's use this example of my man honey to me:

"You're not doing any work this weekend, no office, no phone calls, no talking about work, no writing, no editing, no nothing. You're to sleep as late as you want, get up and do nothing. If you're on the computer, you better be doing something not work related."

Yes that was the actual order. Now for those who personally know me, I don't take orders very well. Hell if I did, I would have joined the miliary at some point in my younger life. Not that I'm over the hill but you know, after high school.

Creative criticism is totally different :-) If it wasn't I don't think I'd do well being an author.

But yes, I did listen and I did obey (for once in my life) LOL and the days were peaceful and enjoyable.

The First round of edits are FINISHED!!!! I'm doing the Snoopy Dance and I have the rest of the day to go play in the dirt with my flowers. *Yay Me*

Oh wait, I have to pick up the man child (that's my son) and go grocery shopping.
Blah to grocery shopping!! ;-P - at least I'll have the boy with me to lug grocery bags, Hahahaha.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Week in the Life...

The car acted up...Boo -- Fixed it...YAY.
A promotion with the day job...YAY -- Late the first day because the car engine sezied -- BOO Hiss Hiss -- Boss not mad (sorta)...YAY.
Looked online for cars...YAY -- Okayed for car loan...YAY.
Went car shopping to feel them out -- Blah -- Walked out on several salesmen -- LOL -- Will be back next weekend to buy one of them, Hehehehe --
Have to share one car...Blah.
First time seeing niece...BIG YAY!!
Grandma having 85th B-day today...YAY!!!!
Well that about sums up the week. Life hit with lemons so we made lemonade. It's been an experience. We were joking around about adding a puppy to the mix to complete the chaos this week...Ya right - I told them NO! LOL!

The edits for A Lady's Challenge (Sequel to A Slave's Way Out) have started!! She will be released in May 2010!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

When & Where does the Writing Bug Strike You?

Authors and Non-Authors Alike. Everyone has to write, right.

So where is you're favorite place and when?

Where & when does the creativity flow?

Is it sitting in the back seat of your car at midnight, at your desktop at 9 AM, sneaking away with your laptop at lunch time?

Does the mood need to be right? Do you light candles, play soft music for that love scene or alternative rock to get the rhythm going for that fight scene?

Do you need as little distractions as possible? Or does having the kids running around with the TV on go unheard on deaf ears as your mojo drums on the keyboard?

When the idea of a plot comes to you, do you immediatly head for the computer, grab a piece of paper and pen or go into a daze and plot it all out in your head?

For me, it can hit anytime, anywhere. Sometimes I need just music to keep me on track, othertimes I can sit and write through Halo 3 being played out on XBox 360 and kids yelling to FIRE, FIRE, FIRE. YOU MISSED, THERE'S ONE COMING OVER THERE GET HIM!

I like to have different music playing depending on the scene I'm writing in, and plot most of the manuscript or the whole thing out in my head before I sit at the keyboard. So if the honey's driving and I'm sitting there not talking. It's not because I'm ignoring him, LOL. I'm plotting, :-D

Yeah, he's kinda gotten used to that. LOL.

A Lady's Challenge, the sequel to A Slave's Way Out was actually plotted out with a scrap of paper I found in my purse while waiting as my car was being worked on.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I do hope everyone has a wonderful time with their sweetheart if they have one and if not, hey you can still have fun with friends (Yes, you can, I used to all the time before I found my honey).

We celebrated last night and all I have to say is "Yes" I was spoiled :-)

Cute bundle of goodies, chocolates, card, a brand new shower head with a removable second shower head built into the front of the first (which is going to be tried out this morning).

Dinner and...

A sweetheart necklace and bangle braclet with black and white diamonds. So yes, SPOILED!

Today's a calm day, the cat's in the window soaking up the sun. It's been cold here, it was about 32 last night and colder the nights before. Yes we even had "SNOW" in Florida (again) the other night, up in the panhandle.

It's grocery shopping and laundry day so how much better can it get, LOL.

My honey and I have an ongoing disagreement about who should receive valentine's gifts:

He says... The sweetheart you're with and your kids up to a certain age.

I say... I bought flowers & Chocolates for my grandmother, Sushi and chocolates for my mom, several things for my teenage son and if my dad lived near me, he would have gotten the small box of chocolates with 4 chocolates in it (That's a tradition in my family), a box of chocolates for my manicurist and a box of sweetheart candies with sayings on them for my son's hairsylist. (We've known them for almost 4 yrs and they treat us like family)

So what do you say?

I say, I'm heading to that new shower head to try it out!!!! LOL, Have a great day all!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I love water features in the home and office. They’re relaxing, soothing and decorative all at once. I have several that light up when plugged in, so they look like flickering candle light against the wall.

The one in our living room is a Lotus Blossom so the water falls on several tiers of the petals; I added natural river stones to give it that natural earthy essence I love so much and a wrought iron candle holder behind it to give that extra bit of lighted ‘atmosphere’ if wanted.

The one in my office has an electric candle and sand with a rake, so I can rake what ever stress just floated my way :-)

I can't wait to start gardening outdoors. While I would love a Koi Pond, it's just not going to happen, so I'm sure they'll be several water features in my back yard.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Restarting an Entire Manuscript

Yah, wow, I'm doing it now. I had wrote a story that's been sitting on my good old computer for about three years now and one of my publishers is opening a new line. AWESOME I thought, my story meets that!!

But, one little issue...the story just wasn't strong enough in the reality zone and well it has to be, because this one is present day here and now read, no Sci-Fi or futuristic worlds to build. I had some wonderful feedback on how to make the book better, so that's what I'm doing now. As soon as I read the "New Line guidelines" I started DECONSTRUCTING the story.

Nothing like waiting three years to start a story over :-)

This is one area where I love technology and computers, COPY & PASTE people, copy and paste!!

At this point I'm not finding it hard to rewrite the plot line, I'm just going with the flow. I'm a panster writer. If I plot, it's all in the head and then onto the computer screen.

I am figuring on hitting a bump or several somewhere along the line of reformatting this read and hopefully will be able to pull through it with barely any frustration levels, but we all know how that goes :-)

So has any writer out there torn down one of their stories and started from new before? Any suggestions or ideas?

It's like writing a whole new story to me and exciting!! Plus I don't have to come up with the characters names again, LOL, that's usually the hardest part for me, LOL.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Great Review for Destined to Mate

Destined to Mate by C.A. Salo

Posted under Adult Content, Book Reviews, Shapeshifters, e-books by Amy on Wednesday 30 December 2009 at 7:56 pm

Morgan is an Alpha. He saves Alexis when a huntress swings her sword to kill her. Surrounded by Lycans, her inner beast forces her to change. Morgan is puzzled. He has no idea who and what she is. He met various species – fae, vamps, etc - before but he has never met one like her. What puzzles him the most is the attraction between them. He never wanted a mate before, but now the idea seems very alluring. But can he handle her?

It started off very interestingly. With every flip of a page, I went deeper and deeper. The story sucked me into it, and I just can’t stop myself wanting to know what might happen next. I enjoy every second reading it and was frustrated when it ended. Argh!! I so want a sequel for this. It just started to get really good in the end. C.A. Salo continues to outdo herself in this novella. Great read!

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Thank you Amy and Bitten By Books to take the time to read and write a review for my book!! I appreciate the feed back and happy that you enjoyed my writings!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cat Toys

I have a cat, she's about 5 years old and for the past year my son has been hounding me to get this lazer pointer they sell in pet and department stores for cats to play with.
Well I never picked it up because I thought, why in the heck would the cat want to run after a little red dot. It's not a ball that she can chase and pounce on or swat around or one of her other toys that she can touch.

So, let's just say that I gave in and we bought one for her stocking for Christmas.What the heck...she loves the stupid thing!

A red dot that she chases all over the place but can never catch and she goes crazy for it!

Her pupils get big and round, almost filling up her eyes and she goes after it like psycho kitty.
Do you have a pet? What's the craziest thing you never thought they'd like and they do?

Miss Kit Relaxing

Miss Kit During a Red Dot Chase

LOL, Okay, she was yawning, but come on, it's a funny pic *grins*

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Short Work Week

Good morning all, or should I say afternoon. ;-D

Yes, it's past noon and I'm finally moving around. Seeing as how this will be the last four day week for quite a while I seemed to have taken advantage of it and stayed in bed until I felt like getting up.

Yep, I'm sitting here drinking coffee in my pink snuggie that my honey bought me for Christmas with my cat on my lap and the boys watching television, that's right the AMC channel 'The Unforgiven'. Haven't seen that in awhile.

Thanks to this four day work week, I was able to sit down, finish my art form for A Lady's Challenge (sequel to A Slave's Way Out) , releasing in May 2010 with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. As well as take a look at several I've had sitting on my computer for a few years, to edit and sent out. Yep, I said a few years, more like four. LOL. What can I say, sometimes the day job and homeschooling just plain poop me out by the end of the day and when I'm sitting on the couch vegging, I'm looking at my computer knowing I have work I could be doing. That's the reason I decided to take my newsletter from posting every month to posting quarterly.
So yes, she's up! LOL.

What about you guys? Any take advantage of a short work week because of the holiday?