Sunday, February 21, 2010

When & Where does the Writing Bug Strike You?

Authors and Non-Authors Alike. Everyone has to write, right.

So where is you're favorite place and when?

Where & when does the creativity flow?

Is it sitting in the back seat of your car at midnight, at your desktop at 9 AM, sneaking away with your laptop at lunch time?

Does the mood need to be right? Do you light candles, play soft music for that love scene or alternative rock to get the rhythm going for that fight scene?

Do you need as little distractions as possible? Or does having the kids running around with the TV on go unheard on deaf ears as your mojo drums on the keyboard?

When the idea of a plot comes to you, do you immediatly head for the computer, grab a piece of paper and pen or go into a daze and plot it all out in your head?

For me, it can hit anytime, anywhere. Sometimes I need just music to keep me on track, othertimes I can sit and write through Halo 3 being played out on XBox 360 and kids yelling to FIRE, FIRE, FIRE. YOU MISSED, THERE'S ONE COMING OVER THERE GET HIM!

I like to have different music playing depending on the scene I'm writing in, and plot most of the manuscript or the whole thing out in my head before I sit at the keyboard. So if the honey's driving and I'm sitting there not talking. It's not because I'm ignoring him, LOL. I'm plotting, :-D

Yeah, he's kinda gotten used to that. LOL.

A Lady's Challenge, the sequel to A Slave's Way Out was actually plotted out with a scrap of paper I found in my purse while waiting as my car was being worked on.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I do hope everyone has a wonderful time with their sweetheart if they have one and if not, hey you can still have fun with friends (Yes, you can, I used to all the time before I found my honey).

We celebrated last night and all I have to say is "Yes" I was spoiled :-)

Cute bundle of goodies, chocolates, card, a brand new shower head with a removable second shower head built into the front of the first (which is going to be tried out this morning).

Dinner and...

A sweetheart necklace and bangle braclet with black and white diamonds. So yes, SPOILED!

Today's a calm day, the cat's in the window soaking up the sun. It's been cold here, it was about 32 last night and colder the nights before. Yes we even had "SNOW" in Florida (again) the other night, up in the panhandle.

It's grocery shopping and laundry day so how much better can it get, LOL.

My honey and I have an ongoing disagreement about who should receive valentine's gifts:

He says... The sweetheart you're with and your kids up to a certain age.

I say... I bought flowers & Chocolates for my grandmother, Sushi and chocolates for my mom, several things for my teenage son and if my dad lived near me, he would have gotten the small box of chocolates with 4 chocolates in it (That's a tradition in my family), a box of chocolates for my manicurist and a box of sweetheart candies with sayings on them for my son's hairsylist. (We've known them for almost 4 yrs and they treat us like family)

So what do you say?

I say, I'm heading to that new shower head to try it out!!!! LOL, Have a great day all!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I love water features in the home and office. They’re relaxing, soothing and decorative all at once. I have several that light up when plugged in, so they look like flickering candle light against the wall.

The one in our living room is a Lotus Blossom so the water falls on several tiers of the petals; I added natural river stones to give it that natural earthy essence I love so much and a wrought iron candle holder behind it to give that extra bit of lighted ‘atmosphere’ if wanted.

The one in my office has an electric candle and sand with a rake, so I can rake what ever stress just floated my way :-)

I can't wait to start gardening outdoors. While I would love a Koi Pond, it's just not going to happen, so I'm sure they'll be several water features in my back yard.