Sunday, May 23, 2010

Crazy Store Prices

With veggies becoming much more expensive in the stores, I've decided to take matters into my own hands.

YUP...I planted a garden.

Now farming is in my blood, my grandfather had a huge farm up north (people down here call them ranches.) It was a pig farm, but there was every animal you could think of, including work horses to pull out the fallen trees in the fall to heat the house for the entire einter. Huge fields of corn, hey if it didn't sell it went to make cow corn for the winter.

My grandmothers personal garden was nothing to sneeze at. It was a good half acre and had everything from corn to strawberries. We never went without a good pickle or blackberries in the winter time. Yummy!! And there was an apple orchard about about an acre in size.

So I've done what I can and we have two raised beds, one herbs, one veggies. The romaine lettuce is coming very well and we've been snipping leaves off for sandwiches. The sweet banana peppers and cubana peppers are belling. I'm waiting for the 72 bell pepper seeds planted to start peeking up out of the soil and the only tomato plant to start doing it's thing.

I can't wait to start with the summer squash and zucchini!!

My herbs, I love fresh herbs!! There's nothing like walking out doors in the morning before the heat of the sun, OK it's Florida, so I go out after the sun has gone down to gather my mint or sweet basil or chives for baked potatoes that night with dinner.

Fresh grown's a good thing :-)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

So I'm driving down the road, when....

Yeah, I'm driving home the other day from my second work site and BAM...a story plot hits.

Yes, a story and as it starts working out the dialog with in my brain, I have to remember that, HEY I'm driving, yep that's a green light, no brakes needed.

Not the safest time to have a plot running rampant through the thought process, so those internal fingers quickly push the aggressive story plot to the side. Turn up the radio and start singing, DAMN no good! Music encourages my muse. Turn down the radio and open the windows. Blast of 90 degree heat and crazy Florida humidity.
Well it helped stop the plot and started the old complaint about, why in the heck do I still live in Florida when I can't stand the humidity. LOL

I tell my friend what happened and she chuckled at me. Yep, she knows that feeling of your just doing something and then a whopping plot hits you upside the head. She writes children's books.

Mention it to someone else who doesn't write and it's "Well keep your eyes on the
road and pay attention." And I just say right back "Well DUR dumbass."

Huh, well the plot is Sci-Fi, off of Earth and has some interesting characters LOL.

So, I'm going to leave off there with just a little promotion...

A Lady's Challenge, Sequel to my Best Selling Torrid Title of the Year,
A Slave's Way Out HAS released with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!! YIPPEE!!

Stop by and take a lookee see!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Releasing May 15th

I can't wait, I'm soooo psyched *Doing the Snoopy dance*!! The sequel to A Slave's Way Out is COMING!!

A Lady's Challenge is releasing with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid on May 15th!!

Welcome to Neris, Mercenary planet light years from our own Milky-way Galaxy.

Lieutenant Trea Padame, is not only the second in command of the mercenary warship Catalysts’ security division, she’s also hiding the truth from all that she’s a lady. She is to take her father’s seat as head of her family’s house in the Eastern Lowlands unless she can find a warrior to take as her life mate and has her eyes set on —

First Commander Daniel Hedden of the Catalyst, who’s used to men following his every command on duty and Trea following them in bed. Can the warrior in him find the way to free his heart of past memories, forgive Trea hiding her identity from him and let an ancient revelation come true, or will he disregard all and face losing Trea forever to an enemy who’s set to take Trea and her village for his own?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Avatar The Movie

avatar Pictures, Images and Photos

Finally I was able to watch the movie Avatar last night. I really did enjoy it, the special effects were awesome.

However, I couldn't help noticing how much of a resemblance our own history with the native peoples of our planet have with the natives of Pandora against an intruder onto their lands. Oh you know, The lets go in and take what we think is ours no matter what we have to do syndrome.

Only the big blue natives of Pandora won their fight. Dare I say it...why yes I will, YAY *Clapping hands*