Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pirating sites...

OK, so why do people think it's alright to steal??

e-Book theft is a BIG problem I wish they would do something about.

It's like walking into a grocery store and walking out with an apple without paying for it. 

YES, putting an authors book(s) up on a site after you read it for anyone in the world to download or read for free is WRONG OF YOU TO DO!

We authors, our publishers, editors, cover artist and everyone in between work hard to put books out there.

When someone downloads a book for FREE instead of buying it,  it's called...STEALING, anyway you want to look at it. 

(If you're looking for FREE books, to download legally-read to the bottom)

Here's an example for you... pirating people.

You go to work, work your 8 hours.
You go to get your money for your hard days work and the boss tells you...What, you want to be paid for your work? HA, what are you kidding, we're like one of those pirating sites, we take your work and you get nothing for it.
Ever worked any overtime, been promised mileage or get an 'oh go ahead and buy that',we'll pay you. AND they don't...

HOW would you feel??
Angry, pissed, furious...

WELL guess what ... That's how we feel when someone pirates our hard work.
Not to mention the copyright infringements and legal stuff.

Why am I sooooo ticked????

I'll tell you. I had to send legal notification of copyright infringements to TWO sites in the matter of ten minutes!!
AND I know there are many more out there. (sad)

I have to feed my family too you know! And people who download my books from a pirating site, is STEALING food, clothing, and educational experiences from MY child! 

Now there are some awesome publishers who GIVE books away for FREE at Amazon, and Barnes & Noble as promotional tools. 

I have a NOOK and I receive several publisher newsletters and emails about FREE books being given away. 

So I go on my NOOK and if I like the blurb and the book... 

See the difference??

PLEASE see the difference and END these pirating sites.

Many hugs

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun Drink Friday - Cinnamon Toast Cocktail

OK, so it's the end of September and Fall/Autumn is upon us. Although it's still hot and all that Florida stuff here in Florida. 
But I can't help but blog about this drink. YUMMY!!
Being a lover of Cinnamon, Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum and Apple Cider, this drink was like ... Aaaaaahhhhhhh now where's my fire place and snow falling on the ground. (OH yeah, I left that up North HA, LOL)

1 ¼ ounce(s) Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
6 ounces(s) hot apple cider
1-Tablespoon sugar
1-Tablespoon cinnamon

Add hot apple cider and Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum to a glass rimmed with sugar and cinnamon.

I found this drink recipe at: Delish

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Blogging is now about...

Ok, so not sure if you know this, but I am a horrible blogger. 

Yes, a horrible blogger, so besides blogging about my books, I try to pick interesting topics. I've also gone from blogging one day a week to three days a week. 
Sunday, Wednesday & Friday.
Sundays I try to keep geared toward my writing as I also blog over at The Nice & Naughty Authors Blog.
Fridays I've made into Fun Drink Friday so what to do with Wednesday to keep me on track...

I've always had an interest in herbalism and practiced it quite extensively when I lived in Massachusetts. I grew up with my mother and her herb gardens along with a wonderful place in Mason, New Hampshire called The Pickity Place. LOVE THEM (and their Raspberry Orange Tea)!!
I had a garden and plenty of space. Since moving around, I haven't been so lucky. Herbs in pots just ... I don't know *sigh* and using dried herbs for everything, it's just not the same.
BUT, with the building of our new house, I will have an area so I can once again grow my herbs, veggies and anything I like to cook with or can use for other purposes. *YAY*

So, I think on Wednesdays I'm going to blog about herbs and spices. There's plenty to chose from world wide and it's something I enjoy, so why not right?? 

Let's start off with, Cat Nip. An easy peesy little herb. I bet you're thinking WTF is she talking about?? Cat Nip is for cats. Right??


Cat Nip can be used for plenty of other things beside getting your kitty feeling good. 

And sometimes it doesn't affect them. 

Now some people have said they feel a slight 'numbing' affect from Cat Nip, but I personally have never had this feeling or any of my family that I'm aware of. Then again, I always use it with other herbs and in small quantities.

BUT, always keep in mind that no matter what you use, herbs, spices or pharmaceutical drugs, everyone is different so everyone will have a different reaction to the item in question.
I'm not a doctor nor do I ever claim to be (unless it's a hero or heroine in one of my books - which is FANTASY), so keep in mind, that you should always check with your physician before trying something new.

Cat Nip can be used in teas with other herbs for colds. That's how I've always used the leaves, right beside my Chamomile, Spearmint, Rose Hips and other goodies.

Cat Nip has been known to help with: Sleep, relaxation, and stress reduction, and is used as a culinary herb for many dishes.

For more information try these sites:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sample Chapter - The Devil Himself

Everyone deserves love, even The Jersey Devil.
That's why I wrote The Devil Himself.

Luca has lived a long and sheltered life. Dubbed by many as “The Jersey Devil”, he resides peacefully and alone in the Barren Woods, where no one can find him. It’s a lonely existence, but necessary for one such as he.
Until photographer Chandra Burke comes along. After saving her life, Luca feels obligated to keep her with him until she heals. But as hours with her turn to days, and then weeks, he finds he wants to keep her for an entirely different reason—for him.
Can Chandra and Luca overcome Luca’s view of himself, a pesky wizard, and a possessive demon to be together? Or will the Fates allow love to slip past Luca once again?

Sample Chapter For THE DEVIL HIMSELF
Luca lifted his head as the smell of fresh blood flowed by with the wind. Turning his head, his ears perked as a cry echoed through the woods. Concentrating hard, he tuned his hearing to the direction from which the wind was blowing and listened as a woman cried out in pain, followed by a man’s shout. A familiar smell, one that had accompanied several previous murders in his woods, wafted along the breeze. He rose, spread his wings and took off into the forest toward the problem.

There shouldn’t even be one; they should not be trespassing on his land. He was going to assess the situation, and then act on it calmly. At least that was his plan until he landed on the branch and watched as a balding, short, overweight man beat a woman tied to a tree. The woman with brown shoulder-length hair and torn clothes was badly bruised and bloodied.

Luca’s nostrils flared with anger as he caught the smell of the man again. This man’s scent had been on three bodies he had found over the course of a year, women’s bodies so badly mutilated, the only way he’d known they were females was from their scent. Not again, not in his forest. He hadn’t been able to help any of the others, but this one he could, and with a horrifying screech he soared down, claws out, slashing them across the man’s throat as the murderer turned with fright in his eyes.

The naked woman just lay there unmoving, her eyes following him as he walked toward her, and she whispered a plea of help. He stepped out of the shadows, and her eyes widened before she slumped down in unconsciousness. Growling, he looked around the forest with hope that someone would run out and help this woman, but as his luck would have it, no one appeared. If he left her here, she’d end up freezing tonight. Even if he untied her he doubted she’d survive with her injuries and knew for damn sure she didn’t have the strength to get out of the forest. He could drop her off somewhere in town, but the chance of being spotted at this time of night was high and not to his liking.

Kneeling down, he used a claw to cut the rope tying her to the tree before he moved his gaze to her face again. She is cute. He drew the back of his knuckle along her bruised face. With a sigh he lifted her into his arms, holding her close against his chest as he spread his wings and took off above the forest.

Over the next two days Luca fed the woman, bathed her, and applied an antibiotic cream to her wounds; she was in and out of consciousness and not aware of what was happening. The night she asked a coherent question was the night he blindfolded her, and now he sat and watched as she woke again.

“Leave it,” he stated softly when she lifted a hand to remove the blindfold. “You are in no harm here, but you must leave it on.”
“Who-who are you?”
Luca smiled at that question. “I was not given a name, but I’ve taken a liking to Luca.”
Chandra winced as she moved on the bed. “Where am I?”
“My home.”
“And where is that?”
“Stop moving. I think you have several bruised ribs, with bruises going from one end of you to the other.”
“How would you know?” she asked softly, her weak hand trembling as she tried to lift the blanket higher.
Luca reached over and without touching her, lifted the covers up to her chin. “Because I have been caring for you.”
“You killed him?” she whispered.
“It was that or let him kill you.” He rose and walked to a pitcher of water. He saw her frown from the corner of his eye and knew she was gauging the sounds of his footsteps. “It’s water. Drink slowly so your stomach doesn’t rebel.” He held the cup for her, his eyes lowering as she sipped the cool water with her battered lips, and for the first time in a long time he felt his body react to a female. He couldn’t help it; there was something about her pheromones, her aura that was playing havoc with his senses, almost as if… “What’s your name?” He lowered the cup.
“Chandra, Chandra Burke.”
“Well, Chandra Burke, you’re new to the Pinelands.”
“Why did he go after you?”
“I don’t know, but I don’t think I was the first. He mentioned several times that I was the best chase he’d had.”
“You’re not. You were just the first I could get to in time to help.”
“Are we still inside the barrens?”
“The Pine Barrens, yes.” He smiled. “Why?”
“My grandmother…she used to tell me stories about it being…”
“Yes, and haunted by the…”
“The Jersey Devil?”
Luca grinned. “And what do you suppose the Jersey Devil is?”
“A mythical creature, like werewolves and vampires. Don’t get me wrong, there’s always a little truth to mythology, so maybe someone with birth defects was cast out and it started like that.”
“What about all the sightings?”
Chandra snorted. “Kids in costumes messing around.”
“So you don’t believe that the Jersey Devil is a real creature of Hell, demons, or just a cursed soul?”
“Then I take it you haven’t seen or heard anything…out of the ordinary.”
“I don’t know… I haven’t been here long enough to see anything strange.”
“You may want to rethink that after the other night.”
“That wasn’t strange, that was just a psychotic bastard.” She shivered. “A woman can’t even leave the doors open to air her house out without the fear of being attacked.”
Luca chuckled at that. “You have a way with words, Ms. Burke, but true, very true.”
“I’m hungry.”
His lips lifted with a quirky smile as her stomach growled. “Yes, so I can hear,” he replied as he walked back to the small alcove. “I hope venison stew is all right with you.”
“I’ve never had it.”
“Then you’re in for a surprise.” He strode back over to sit on the chair by his bed. “A friend of mine brought it over for you.” His gaze remained on her as he touched the edge of the spoon to her lips, his cock thickening as they parted, letting him slip the spoon and food in.
Damn it, not again. He shouldn’t be getting excited over her, especially not with her wounded as she was. This wasn’t just a case of lust; no, it was something more powerful. His body was reacting to her like he’d known her forever.
“It’s good,” she whispered.
Luca stayed silent as he fed her and knew she wondered why by the crease on her forehead.
“You should get some sleep,” Luca said softly, as he walked to the alcove to wash the dishes in a pan of water. “You have a long way to heal.”
“Why didn’t you take me to a hospital?”
“This was closer.”
“Sleep. I’ll be back in a while,” he stated as he headed toward the tunnel that would take him to the entrance of his home.
“No,” she called out quickly. “Don’t leave me, please.”
Luca watched as she tried to sit up. “You are safe here, Chandra, no one will bother you.”
Luca could tell she was tiring and with a sigh he turned to her. “I will stay until you have fallen asleep and then I must go hunt.”

“Yes, now close your eyes and sleep.” He could tell she wanted to question him more, but she couldn’t evade the exhaustion from taking over as her eyes fluttered. Luca lifted the covers just as she placed her hand over his, and wondered if she thought it strange that her fingers stroked fur as sleep claimed her.
Luca looked down at her bruised hand as it lay over his; she had the most perfect fingers he had seen on a woman. True, he hadn’t seen many but the ones he had were nothing to think about and yet this woman, this one woman who lay bruised and battered on his bed, had him doing things he never would have done.

Lifting his hand to entwine his fingers with hers, he watched as her small hand was engulfed by his. She was petite compared to him. He stood seven feet tall, and his fingers and toes held retractable claws. A thin layer of soft black fur covered his body, and horns protruded from the top of his head.

She was not the smallest human woman he had seen or the largest. She had a little weight on her, but not enough to make her fat. As he lowered their hands so he could lift a lock of the chestnut-colored shoulder-length tresses was as soft as a rabbit and curled just like a new fern as the end wrapped around his finger.
Jerking back quickly, stunned with the way his thoughts had turned, Luca growled as he jumped up and left his home without looking back. He could not get involved with this woman. Beside Chandra being human, it was pure foolishness to think that she would want to be involved with a cursed creature such as he.

4.5 Cherries from Lilac, Whipped Cream Reviews
I was intrigued by this story from the very beginning. Luca stole my heart with his insecurities and doubts. He was a perfect example of why people shouldn’t judge others based on their looks. As for Chandra, I found her very likeable and thought she was very accepting especially once she learned about Luca and his life. They made a lovely pair as both taught each other about love, trust, and acceptance.

I really enjoyed the author’s unique approach. This wasn’t an ordinary boy-meets-girl story as it featured a creature that some might find hard to love, yet the author was able to humanize the beast in the story and make me the reader, fall for him as well. I found the author’s use of an imperfect hero refreshing and interesting. This was a very touching love story that I would definitely recommend to those looking for something a bit different.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fun Drink Friday - Sunrise Smoothie

Total Time: 5 Mins
Prep: 5 Mins
Yield: 2 Servings
Level: Easy

1 cup chopped ripe strawberries (5 large strawberries)
1 cup chopped seeded watermelon
1 cup chopped fresh peach
1 cup raspberry sorbet
1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
Place the strawberries, watermelon, peach, sorbet, and orange juice in a blender and puree until smooth and creamy. Add more orange juice if you'd like it a little less thick. Serve immediately in tall glasses with straws.

2006, Ina Garten, All Rights Reserved
Show: Barefoot ContessaEpisode: Girls Day Off
Recipe categories: Watermelon, Peach, Strawberry, Raspberry more

OK, so I was watching Barefoot Contessa the other day and I watched Ms Ina make these.
The only thing I can't put in is the strawberries, but still, YUM!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A/C's Out & I'm Grumpy :-(

Ahhhh, so I'm out yesterday, having a wonderful day at the spa and then I went to lunch and some shopping with my grandmother. LOVE HER!! Then off to see my cousin and visit before starting on my two hour trek home my husband texts me ... A/C is out.

I call, honey what do you mean the A/C is out?? Yep, it's out and he's contacted the owner (who lives in Texas). We're renting the house while ours is being built, and it's a wonderful house, and our landlord is great and he was right on it getting a hold of the warranty people.

Well the A/C company the warranty people have 'does not work on weekends.'


So needless to say when I walked into my house last night at 8 PM it was 90 degrees AHHHHHHHH.

Sleeping last night was a pure pain the arse!

This morning is grumpyville even with a cup of coffee sitting in front of me. 

All ceiling fans are going and my wonderful husband is on the phone with them right now (9:43AM) to try and get an update on if they've found another A/C company to come out, because his honeysuckle - oh that would be me :-) is a bear in hot and humid weather. Grrr Arrrg.
And he knows they don't want this momma bear on the phone when she's grumpy. He's my calm, patient one LOL, yeah he has to be to be married to me :-)

My dad's funny, he says 'it was 40 up here last night'.
Thanks dad! Love you!!

I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say this...

is NOT the hot we like!

We like this...

And this...

And this defiantly ...

Have a great day and wish me coolness!! :-)


C. A. Salo
Erotic & Spicy Stories of Romance

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun Drink Friday - Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Allergens: Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy free, Sugar free, Yeast free, Corn free
Prep time:  
Total time:  
Serves: 2 cups, 1 serving
This smoothie is creamy and light. Not only will it add extra fiber to your day, but having pumpkin in the morning will keep you fuller, longer!
  1. Place everything but whipped topping in the blender.
  2. Blend until smooth
  3. Pour into your favorite glass and place a couple tablespoons of coconut whipped cream on top.
  4. Sprinkle with cinnamon if you’d like!

So, looking for something to do with the three pumpkin cans I have in my pantry, and not wanting a pumpkin pie, I saw one of my FaceBook Friends had posted a pumpkin smoothie recipe so I Googled it :-) and looked through several until I found the one above.

I found the recipe above over at Healthful Pursuit, by Leanne Vogul.
Leanne is a Holistic Nutritionist and I found her quite interesting.
Go check out her site and recipes.
I know I'm going to be trying the Pumpkin Spice Smoothie :-)

Have a great day all!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 - Never Forget

I like most Americans will never forget what they were doing on 9/11/2001.

We will also never forget the lives that were lost, the injured, the families left to pick up the pieces,  or the heroes and heroines who gave their all for their country and its people.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sample Chapter - The Lost Lyken - Other Kin Book III

Rating: Erotic Romance - Controversial

After taking on an evil not seen for thousands of years, Lyken Alpha Evan Roven had his mate and unborn child ripped from his life pre-maturely. Now, five years later, on his own as a rogue, his wolf wants out to mate again.

The problem—he’s chosen a human female who can’t even protect herself from an Orc attack.

Evan struggles, holding back his instinct to take Kasey Decker as his mate. He finally gives in to his wolf, and himself. 

Then he stands behind Kasey when she learns her family is not what she thought. She’s more than just a mere human. Kasey’s a Silver Alchemist, which could prove deadly to Evan.

Afraid she’s going to hurt him, if she ever takes silver into her body, Kasey must use her gift when they’re attacked by a stronger Silver Alchemist, one set on killing Kasey…her own mother.


His nostrils flared the moment her scent reached his nose. Glancing up, Evan noticed the average hometown girl walking into the coffee shop and smiled as he handed the customer in front of him their coffee. “Thanks and have a great day.” The moment he met his newest customer’s gaze his cock reared up. Stepping to the side to relieve the pressure he gave her a short smile. “Ms. Decker, how are you today?”

“ I’m fine, Evan, how are you this morning?”

“ Staying warm. Your regular?”

“ Yes please.”

Evan didn’t know why he let her bother him so much, after all she was only human, but with her soft voice, dark hazel eyes and her sweet womanly scent, she drove his senses crazy every time he caught her scent. “How’s your cat doing?” he asked, turning in time to see her soft smile. He steeled himself against the arcs of lightning shooting through his system.

“ Oh, Marabell’s doing well. She wasn’t very happy with me yesterday after her shots at the vet’s and hid most of the night, but she came out when I filled her bowl this morning. Although she stuck her nose up at me and gave me her backside.”

Evan slid the to-go cup along the counter, taking the two dollars she’d laid down. “Ah I’m sure she’ll be over the whole incident by the time you get home tonight.”

“ Probably, but can’t say as I blame her, I hate going to the doctor’s for shots too.”

Evan choked back a growl when the top of her nose crinkled with her smile. Clearing his throat, he handed her the change. “Right.”

“ Thanks, Evan, see you in the morning.”

His gaze narrowed as she turned, lowering to her bottom and the slight sway of her hips.

“ Why do you torture yourself?” Winn asked.

Evan glanced over at the owner of the coffee shop and growled from the corner of his mouth. “Why can’t you tell her to stop coming in?”

“ She’s a loyal customer.”

“ She’s human.”

“ And a loyal customer. Why not just take her to bed and be done with it?”

“ You wouldn’t understand.”

Winn’s smile softened as she laid a hand on his arm. “Honey, I understand more than you give me credit for, now get back to work, more customers are coming in.”

Evan shook his head as he turned with a smile to the newcomers. He knew taking Kasey to bed would be a mistake, for something deep down told him once he did, he wouldn’t want to give her up, and that was something he wasn’t looking for–especially with a human who couldn’t protect herself against his kind if she had to.

Working the day, Evan closed the shop and headed home. Sighing, he followed the steam his hot breath made as it hit the cold air. Winter was upon them and he loved the cooler weather. Although he had to wear a jacket when out in public with the humans, he didn’t really need one with his inner body heat. Taking a left, he waited until a car went by before crossing the road to the other sidewalk. He shoved his hands in his pockets as he slowed down to see holiday shoppers strolling in and out of the Main Street stores. Sighing as his brother came to mind, Evan called once a month if not more to talk with Drake and see how the family was doing. He felt bad for the way he took off like he did five years ago, leaving his post as Alpha and dropping it all in Drake’s lap, but he couldn’t stay there, not after losing his mate and his child in one fatal battle with an enemy of his people.

“ Hey you, what’s the gloomy face for? It’s the holidays,” Kasey said.

Evan stopped suddenly, staring at her until what she said registered. “Thinking about family.” It just came out. Damn it. He knew he’d made a mistake when her eyes lit up and he wished he could take it back.

“ Oh, are they near here?”

“ No.” Evan shook his head, knowing her fascination with Alston and the strange happenings in the area five years ago.

“ Oh, have you called them?”

“ No, not for about a month,” he said as he rocked back on his heels.

“ I know what you mean. I haven’t either, I’m trying to get out of going home for Christmas, and I know if I call, they’ll talk me into it, especially my brother.”

Evan’s interest was piqued, although it shouldn’t be. “Why’s that?” he asked before he could stop himself.

“ Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and everything, but my brother and I don’t go around much. Long story short, my parents don’t get along and we don’t like our older sister very well. The only reason I’d go is to see my grandma and dad. Even they don’t want to be around my mom.” Kasey smiled as she held her breath.

Evan’s brow lifted. “And?”

“ And, my mother thinks I’m seeing someone, and would hound me until I showed up with him in tow.”

“ And you’re not?”

“ Nope. Just said it to get her off my back and now it’s backfired. Yay me.” She grinned.

“ Yeah, that’s one way to get busted.” He couldn’t help it, he started laughing.

“ Oh yeah thanks, laugh at me. No that’s all right, go ahead, I deserve it.”

“ Just tell them he’s with his family or something and couldn’t make it.”

“ Unfortunately I’ve done that for the last two years and it’s wearing off. My dad knows, he’s gone along with me, and I’ve thought about telling my mom that I broke it off, but she’d just try to fix me up with Gilford Weram.”

“ That bad, huh?”

“ Oh yes, that bad.” Kasey chuckled then shivered. “Well, I better let you go. It’s getting chilly out here.”

“ Sure.”

“ It was nice talking with you, Evan.”

“ You too.”

“ Night then.”

“ Night,” he replied, liking how she lowered her eyes to him before walking away. Ms. Kasey may not realize it, but he knew she wouldn’t have any problems submitting to him and his Alpha tendencies. “Christ,” he growled. That was not an image he wanted etched on his brain.
* * * *
Evan turned the moment he scented Kasey. It had been three days since he talked to her and that was odd as she came in every day. His eyes narrowed when he noticed her hair was down and covering one side of her face—something was up. That was not typical Kasey style.

“ What happened?” The question had come out more rough than intended, his eyes widening at the hint of the bruise on her right cheek. Reaching across the counter he touched her before she had a chance to back up, and moved her hair away. “Holy shit, Kasey, who did this?” he asked, his gaze going to her blackened eye.

Kasey glanced around quickly, lifting her hand to his and lowering it to the counter. “It’s taken care of,” she said softly.

Evan met her eyes as the wolf in him reared up to protect. “Who did it?” he asked slowly.

“ I don’t know, I’ve already told the police everything.”

“ When?”

“ Ah, the night I ran into you on the street.”

Evan’s gaze narrowed as she glanced downward. “What aren’t you telling me? And don’t lie because I’ll know.”

Kasey’s eyes flew up to his again. “You’ll know?” she exclaimed breathlessly. “And how’s that? The only time we’ve really talked was the other night on the street. You know nothing about me and vice versa. Why are you all of a sudden all over me when we both know you really don’t like me?”

Evan stepped back as her voice rose slightly. “That’s not true,” he answered softly.

“ Yes, it is. Ever since you started working here, every time I come in you can barely stand to help me. Just like the other night on the street, if I hadn’t initiated conversation, you would have just kept on walking, and you didn’t really want to tell me about your family. That’s okay though, I’m not your type, and I understand that. I just thought talking to you and being a recognizable face might help you acclimate to moving here a little easier, because I remember what it was like for me to only know one person in town. And I’m blabbering, sorry, it’s been a long couple of days, can I just have my coffee please?”

Evan didn’t know what to say as a coffee came from around him on the counter, and watched as she picked it up, laid a few bills down and left.

“ Did you notice how she skirted your question?” Winn asked with a smile as she leaned on the counter.

“ What?” He frowned.

“ She skirted your question, turning it back on you to throw you off.”

“ Damn it,” Evan growled, his fist coming down on the counter as Winn chuckled.
* * * *
Evan patiently waited in the dark shadows. He knew Kasey walked home every night and at different hours. It just depended on what time she left the newspaper office she worked for as a research assistant and tonight proved to be a late one. He’d been following her for the past few nights to make sure she arrived at her apartment safely, but tonight was different—he had a bad feeling twisting his gut. Silently he stayed to the shadows as she walked by, his senses open to everything around them. He stopped when she did, staying still as she turned looking around, her eyes narrowed and nostrils flaring. He liked that she knew something wasn’t right; she was listening to her gut, her survival instinct. Hanging back a bit more he gave her some space as she continued home. About a block away from her apartment his ears twitched and nostrils flared as she was grabbed and yanked into an alley. Flash-stepping, he was there in a moment, catching the hand that went to strike her face. “Bad idea,” he growled, shoving the man back hard enough that he hit the building on the opposite side. Evan stepped in front of Kasey to protect her fully. “Are you alright?”

“ Y-yeah.”

Evan’s gaze narrowed when the man stood. So he wasn’t human, he was Other Kin, an Orc by the raunchy smell.

“ I, I think he’s the one who attacked me before, he smells the same,” Kasey whispered.

Evan strolled over, yanking the Orc up by his shirt.

“ You, why are you protecting this human?” the Orc asked.

“ Why are you touching what’s mine?” Evan growled.

“ Why isn’t your smell on her then?”

Evan’s arm swung out when Kasey went to step forward. Evan turned, knowing his eyes shimmered. “Stay behind me!” he growled, his canines elongating. He turned quickly when the Orc attacked. Bringing his arm up, he deflected the hit as his other fist came up, knocking the Orc three feet off the ground to hit the building again. Evan heard Kasey’s gasp as the Orc’s camouflage twinkle faltered and his true self showed for an instant. Stepping forward Evan lifted the Orc up by his neck. “Are you the one who attacked her before?”

“ Yes, but she got away. I didn’t like her talking to you, I want her. You haven’t scented her, so she’s free game.”

Evan kept his voice low to keep Kasey from hearing what they were saying. “She’s mine, stay away from her. If I catch your scent near her again, I’ll kill you.” Tossing him to the end of the alleyway, he turned to see Kasey’s eyes widened and her back flat up against the brick building. Stepping up to her, he wrapped his arms around her waist. “Hold on,” he said as he flash-stepped up to her apartment door.

Evan smiled as he looked down at her, her face buried in the crook of his neck, and her arms wrapped around his waist, gripping him tightly. “You’re home. I need your keys.”

“ Huh, oh.”

Evan chuckled and caught her as she swayed. “Easy there, here let me.” Taking the keys from her, he opened the door, shuffled her in, and shut it behind them. “Are you going to be sick?” he asked knowing flash-stepping could aggravate sensitive stomachs.

“ No, no I’m alright, just a little dizzy,” she mumbled as he set her on the sofa.

Evan knelt down in front of her, laying his hand on her knee. “Would you like a glass of water?”

“ Ah, no.” Grabbing his hand when he went to get up, she met his gaze. “You…what…who are you? What the hell was he?”

“ He must have hit your head against that building harder than I thought.” Slowly he removed her jacket and laid her purse on the sofa next to her, hoping she’d take his explanation and leave it alone. Evan smiled when Marabell growled at him from the corner. “Come cat, I will not harm you or your lady.” Lowering his hand palm up he let the black and white tuxedo female approach him slowly and sniff. When he glanced back up he met Kasey’s gaze as she stared at him, and he knew she was trying to figure everything out. “Do you need to go to the hospital?” Slowly lifting his hand away from the cat, he moved his fingers to the back of Kasey’s head, gently probing through her silken hair to her skull to make sure there really weren’t any wounds.

“ No, I, I’m alright. Are we going to call the police?”

“ No need. He won’t bother you anymore.” Gently he maneuvered her head down, so she was looking at his lap as he visually checked the back of her head. “What did he say to you the first night he attacked you? It had to do with me, didn’t it?”

“ Yes. He told me I was his and he had better not see me talking to any man, especially you. He said…he said he didn’t like alphas in his territory.”

Evan snorted. “Yeah, well he saw how much I liked him hurting you, didn’t he?”

“ I think we should call the cops,” Kasey said as she lifted her head. Jolts of pleasure tingles screamed through her body as his fingers caressed their way out of her shoulder length hair. “He might come back and, and you can’t be there all the time. I’m just lucky you were walking by tonight.”

“ Trust me, he won’t come back.”

“ You can’t know that.”

“ I do, trust me on this, Kasey,” he said as he cupped her cheek. “He won’t bother you again.” Leaning forward, he knew he should stop, but damn, just one taste, one taste of her beautiful mouth. Gently, so as not to scare her, Evan lowered his lips to hers, even as the wolf in him screamed at him to take her and make her his. When she responded, he added just a slight amount more pressure. Damn she tasted good. Her lips were soft, so soft. Evan jerked back at her soft sigh, his eyes wide as her heavy lids fluttered open. “Sorry.” Jumping up, he stepped back. “I-ah…” Running a hand through the top of his hair, he stepped back toward the door. “See it’s not that I don’t like you…it’s that I like you too much. And I’m not…I’m not looking for this, not now, maybe not ever again. I’m sorry, Kasey.” Almost tripping over his feet, he grabbed the doorknob and opened it quickly. “Like I said, don’t worry about that guy, he won’t bother you anymore. Okay, right. Bye.” Sliding out the door, he heard the lock click and flash-stepped out of there.
* * * *
“ You just can’t keep yourself out of trouble can you?” Winn asked.

“ You just can’t keep your nose out of my pocket can you?” Evan said, turning as she leaned on the counter.

“ Her scent is on you and that of her cat. Let the kitty lick you, huh?”

“ That is just wrong in so many ways,” he grumbled.

Winn chuckled. “Well you know I’m a Hind, which means, I’m prey to you Lykens…”

Evan snorted as he wiped the counter down. “Yeah right, like I could catch your ass.”

“ That’s beside the point I’m trying to make here. Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted—I can smell the wolf wanting to get out, your other half is itching for release, Evan, and I suggest you let him run.”

“ He wants to get out and…mate, and that’s not going to happen.”

“ Ah, you mean besides a full moon fuck. Then he’s chosen his life mate.”

Evan whipped around on her, anger making his eyes glow. “No, he has not!” he seethed.

Winn held her ground. “I know what you went through, Evan, and I’m not saying it would ever be forgotten, but you need to let it go. You need to start living again. It’s been five years, and if your wolf has chosen a mate then you need to man up, pull up your big boy pants, and accept his decision,” she said with a calm even tone.

“ It’s not only his choice! I don’t want another life mate. My soul mate was taken from me along with my child and I won’t go through that again. Besides, she’s human, Winn! She couldn’t protect herself against an Orc, how could she protect herself against an enemy like the darkness? Hell, I couldn’t even protect Sophia and she was one of the strongest females I knew. Besides, Kasey’s too fascinated with Alston for me to ever, ever tell her the truth, or bring her there.”

Winn’s head tilted. “You need to go for a run and listen to what your wolf is telling you. He would never lead you somewhere if you weren’t ready to go. And who the hell cares if she’s human? If she’s the one for you then no one, not even the ancients, have a right to step in and say otherwise.”

Evan growled just as the front door opened and he turned to see Kasey stepping in. She stopped when their gazes met.

“ Ah, sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt, I’ll just…” Kasey muttered.

“ Kasey, how are you?” Winn asked with a huge grin. “Come on in, your coffee’s almost ready.”

“ But it looks like—well I don’t want to interrupt your conversation,” Kasey whispered.

Evan turned his back to her. Even though he sensed Kasey’s disappointment at his action he couldn’t help it, he had to get himself back under control before he faced her again. Stepping to the back, he mumbled something about boxes and disappeared through the door as he willed his canines to ascend. Leaning back against the wall, he closed his eyes, breathing deeply. His nostrils widened as he took large breaths into his lungs, letting them out slowly.
* * * *
Evan lunged up, his body shaking, sweat glistening off his chest as he gasped for air. “Sophie!” he shouted, his hands covering his face before his fingers threaded into his hair. He sat there on his bed breathing heavily. He hadn’t had that particular dream for quite a while. It was the one where he re-lived the moment he burst into the foyer of Roven Manor to see the darkness flinging his hand and Sophia flying through the air. Blood gushed out of Sophia’s chest as she slid across the floor gasping for her last breath as his niece Olivia ran to try and save her with her healing powers. Evan charged the creature, finding himself tossed away with gashes running down his chest, his life’s blood pouring from him as well, right as their friend Mari, Alston’s guardian, came flying in the door. He thought for sure he was dead, wished he had died, for that day he lost his mate and unborn child residing within her womb. After he’d awoke to find out that she hadn’t been saved, the moment he could get out of bed and walk, he handed the responsibilities of Alpha over to his brother Drake and left. He left behind everything he’d ever known and loved. He’d been too dead inside to stay and do his clan any good.

Flinging the sheets off him, he reached for his cell and called Winn, leaving a voice mail. “Hey, I’m going to Sanctuary for a few days. I think you were right about needing that run. ’Kay, bye.”
* * * *
Kasey smiled as she stepped into the coffee shop and Winn grinned at her from the other side of the counter. “Hey, Winn.”

“ Hey girl, how are ya?”

“ Oh, alright I guess.” Glancing around as Winn turned to make her coffee she didn’t see or hear Evan anywhere. “So, ah, where’s your helper?” Her gaze shot up to Winn’s grin as a cup suddenly appeared in front of her. Damn. Caught.

“ If you’re talking about Mr. Hot and Brooding, he’s taking a few days off.”

“ Oh, I ah…”

Winn chuckled. “Oh girl, don’t worry, it has nothing to do with you. Oh ok maybe it does a little—ok a lot. No, now don’t go sad faced on me.”

“ Well then, what are you trying to get at?”

“ Evan has some things he needs to work out before he can let himself be involved again, so he went to Sanctuary for a few days.”

Kasey lowered her gaze glancing to the right. “Yeah, he mentioned something about that.”

“ He did?” Winn asked as she leaned on the counter. “Like what?”

“ Well, the night he helped me he-we…well, he kissed me and then jumped back saying he liked me…a lot, but he didn’t know if he wanted this again, and maybe not ever. I took it to mean he was in a bad relationship or he was hurting really bad.”

“ You’re right.”

Kasey looked up meeting her gaze.

“ Evan lost his wife and unborn child five years ago. It devastated him and he gave up everything he had, leaving everyone he loved behind when he found out they hadn’t survived.”

Kasey gasped, her hand going to her throat. “Oh my God, I didn’t realize it was something like that. No wonder he doesn’t want anything to do with me.”

“ Oh honey, that’s just it.” Winn smiled. “He does want you. Forgive the pun, but whenever you’re near, he has to fight the beast from getting out and making you his, if you know what I mean.”

“ But, well, oh…really?” She smiled.

“ Yes, now get going before you’re late.”

Kasey smiled as she headed for the door. So Mr. Dark and Sexy did like her.
* * * *
Kasey sat in front of her computer, thumbnail between her teeth as she scanned all the deaths five years ago involving an Evan Smith and found nothing. “Damn it,” she muttered as she typed in just the name Evan.

“ What are you working on kiddo?” Henry asked as he leaned over her cube wall.

“ A death five years ago, but I can’t seem to find anything, not even a mention.”

“ And this would be a big story because…”

“ Well, a man lost his wife and unborn child and I was just trying to see what I could find out. You know,” she said as she glanced from the computer screen to him and back, “So I don’t say the wrong thing or anything,” she muttered.

“ Are you telling me you’re interested in someone and you’re back checking them?” he smiled.

“ Yeah.”

“ Well, nothing like that local has happened in the last five years, so he must have lived in a different city, but who’s to say where it happened or if it was reported about.”

“ Yeah I guess you’re right.” Sitting back she stuck a pencil between her teeth. “I just wanted to try and get a heads up so I don’t open mouth and insert foot, if you know what I mean.”

“ I do. So does momma know about your new fella?”

Kasey choked. “God no, and hopefully he’ll never have to meet her manipulating self.”

“ It wouldn’t happen to be that fella working down at Winn’s coffee shop, would it?”

“ What makes you say that?”

“ Well, you know I am considered the best researcher in the business, and I’ve noticed that since he started working there you go in every day now instead of three times a week.”

Kasey groaned at his smile. “Alright, alright, yes. I like Evan and I know half the city does as well, but, well you never know, I may have a chance.”

“ Girl, I’d rather see him with you than that Jenny Pickleman upstairs, he’s all she talks about.”

“ Oh yeah Jenny, I forgot about her.”

“ Now don’t go losing all hope. She’s a slut, and he probably knows it.”

Kasey busted out a laugh. “Henry, you potty mouth!”

“ I’m old enough, I can say what I want. Now get back to work.”

“ Yes sir,” she chuckled as he walked away.
* * * *
Kasey glanced up when a shadow fell across her book and she set her sandwich down. “Jenny, what can I do for you?”

“ Why is it when I ask the owner of the coffee shop where Evan is, she tells me to ask you?”

Kasey frowned as Jenny put a hand on her non-existent hip. She didn’t care how many times people argued with her, sizes zero to six do not have hips. “Why would Winn tell you to ask me?”

“ Winn, is that her name?”

“ Yes.”

“ Well I don’t know, but Winn said to ask you where Evan was, with a smile on her face, as if you’d have a clue.” Jenny snorted.

Kasey’s eyes narrowed as the she-bitch turned to leave. Kasey spoke and stopped Jenny dead in her tracks. “Because I do know where he is, Jenny,” she said, a half-smile lifting the side of her mouth. “And frankly, it’s none of your damn business.” Grabbing her water, half-eaten sandwich, and book, Kasey headed for the door, listening to some chuckles and noticing some winks as she left the room.

Groaning the minute she hit her desk, Kasey sat down to finish eating. What in the hell made her stand up to Jenny? It wasn’t like they were even in the same league. Well, they were in all actuality, but Kasey gave up that lifestyle years ago to be true to who she is. Now there was Jenny—Miss Size Two, Miss Fashion Guru, Miss Not-A-Hair-Out-Of-Place-And-Nails-Done-To-Perfection—and then there was…“Me,” Kasey grumbled. She was a size ten with baby-bearing hips, and light brown, shoulder length hair. Jeans and a t-shirt were good for her and half the time her hair was up in a ponytail or clipped to the back of her head. Kasey smiled. She knew she wasn’t model beautiful or butt ugly, but she had a cute hometown girl next door kinda look and she was good with that. “Yep, when the zombies attack and we have to bunk down, I’ll be good for losing ten and not worrying about starving.”

“ Girl, when the zombies attack shoot for their heads,” Henry chuckled as he passed by.

Sitting up, Kasey brought up her file on Alston. “Talking about zombies,” she muttered as she ran through the current newspaper of the closest town. “Nothing out of the ordinary in today’s news.” Biting her lower lip she typed in Evan’s name and waited, she scrolled down as twenty five articles with the name Evan in them came up and sat back to read.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fun Drink Friday - The June Bug

Ok, so I didn't know they had a name for this, but I guess they would.
 I'm not to sure why they'd name a drink after a June Bug?? :-/ 
Have they ever seen one of those suckers?? They're big flying beetles. 
I remember growing up, you'd be laying in bed trying to sleep and one of those suckers would smack right into the screen. And not a quiet smack, those things have punch! ;-)

I remember my mom making a drink similar to this for our parties.

The recipe above came from: 

My family's version would be:
 2 - 2 liter bottles of ginger ale
2 - 2 liter bottles of lemon-lime soda
2 - gallons of sherbet ice cream
Put in a large punch bowl on top of another large punch bowl filled with ice.

And of course for the adults in us :-)
You can add a flavored liquor (vodka or your preference)

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