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Wednesday's Herb -- Spearmint

I love Spearmint, whether it's in my tea, flavoring my gum, Altoid or toothpaste. I think of Spearmint as one of my "calming" scents.
Just one smell and I'm in a better frame of mind. 
Now that's what I call Aroma Therapy!! 

Spearmint is VERY aggressive, and will take over everything.
I always keep it potted and off the ground. If you don't clip or harvest it regularly you will find it sending shooters out (That's what I call them). Long growing legs, looking to attach to something and crawl up and embed themselves in the dirt to travel as much as they can. 
Persistent little sucker! LOL.

I've used Spearmint oil for headaches. I've rubbed small amounts on either side of my temples and then went and laid down. It has helped me.

Spearmint is also good for stomach issues like nausea or digestion.
If I'm sick, I always add the leaves into a tea. Not only does it taste good, but it helps my yucky-ness. I've also put the fresh leaves right into my mouth. I'll suck and then chew on them, and hey, fresh breath is always a great side effect 

I found a decent site where an article was written that you can look at and it explains a little more about Spearmint and its health benefits.

I like growing mine, but if you order it, I always look for organically grown in the USA. That's just me, I'm picky

Have a great day everyone!!

This information is solely for informational purposes. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE.
As always, please consult your physician before using anything.

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Excerpt -- A Warrior's Longing

Welcome to Neris, Mercenary planet light years from our own Milky Way Galaxy. 
When first commander Gage DaHee is called home to restore his family’s villa as Lord, he finds that betrayal within the walls of his childhood home have left one brother dead and another never to wake up. 
Mieken SivNa, guard to his mother and long time childhood prankster, sends his blood raging both from fright when she’s wounded and lust the moment her violet gaze meets his head on. 
Angered at the abuse of his mother and loyal warriors, Gage has no mercy for the cousin scheming behind his back to take his lands, especially when Mieken is kidnapped and learns of her delicate condition. 
Will betrayal, duty and a yearning for independence ruin the best relationship either warrior has ever had?

Sample Chapter For A WARRIOR'S LONGING

Gage sighed, his reflection staring back at him from the land cruiser window. He thought he was safe from adhering to the privileges and demands of being a lord. He was the third son damn it, this never should have happened. All he ever wanted was to fly among the stars doing missions and fight for a great house, which he’d accomplished, twice. Not a lot of warriors on Neris could say that, or that they had the privilege of warring for the largest house in the northern hemisphere. He’d earned his rank as chief security officer on the Catalyst, the largest warship for the House of Arrian. He arrived with nothing to his name but the clothes on his back and the title of third son to a small villa in the Western Hills of their planet. Serving Arrian House had gifted him with many insights and good friends, Daniel Hedden among his very best. Daniel started out as he had; a nobody. Men on Neris proved their worth and that came in the way of being warriors. Knowing if you weren’t the first son of a ruling house, you would be a warrior for them, if that was your chosen path. If you weren’t a mercenary then you had no right calling yourself an Arius Warrior. Lord Niko Arrian was the only one among them who had been born and bred to lead his house when his father stepped down. Daniel had come to his lordship by marrying Trea Padame Kadan, who unbeknownst to them all had been a lady from the Eastern Lowlands. When Daniel had come to his lordship, Lord Niko lost another crew member as he transferred houses to serve as his best friend’s first in command on the battleship Dreadnaught.

Now Gage’s worst possible nightmare had come to pass, he was on his way home to take command of his own house. His mother was the only immediate family he had left. His father had died while he was still a young warrior, leaving his eldest brother Ambrus to take lead, and he had. Ambrus had raised their little villa to a well-known force to be reckoned with in the Western Hills. They now had a small fighting battalion which included two star cruisers. Nothing that could compete with Arrian House missions, but definitely on the rise to something great. Ambrus had been killed in a skirmish two years ago, leaving his second brother, Oisin, as lord.

“ My Lord.”

“ What?” There was a moment of silence before Gage’s new commander of the villa spoke again. Of course he wasn’t new to Gage, for Kricus had served his father.

“ Sir, I understand your hesitancy on becoming lord, but your house and its people need you more than anything at this time, especially Lady Runa.”

“ I know this, Kricus, and I’d do anything for Mother and our people, but the lordship is something I’ve never wanted.”

“ And that reason is why you will be a good lord and do your House justice.”

When the hair rose on the back of his neck, Gage turned meeting Kricus’ gaze. “What haven’t you told me?”

“ A few of us believe Ambrus’ death and Oisin’s accident were anything but.”

Gage’s heart raced as his body went on alert, his hand automatically going to the hilt of his blaster. “Speak now.”

“ The only reason I’m talking here is because the land cruiser was safely debugged at Hedden House. The only people you can trust are those in this land cruiser, your mother, her lady-in-waiting and Timos. Things have been happening at DaHee house that do not bode well with many of us, but finding those truly loyal has proven to be difficult lately.”

“ Then who do you say my people have become loyal to?”

“ Your people are scared more than loyal. All loyal warriors have been dismissed. Your cousin, DeMire, has been scheming for a long time, but was unnoticed until recently with Oisin’s accident.”

“ Then why has he been allowed to stay at the villa and near my mother?” His blood boiled. His nostrils flared at the thought of his mother being put in danger.

“ Lady Runa ordered us not to make noise, to quietly gather information until your arrival; keeping the enemy close so to say.”

“ And who’s guarding her if you’re here!”

“ Her lady-in-waiting, Mieken.”

Mieken was Gage’s best friend’s sister. And from what he’d heard had become an excellent warrior. “Where’s Timos?”

“ Being held for an Ich-Vlah.”

“ What?” Gage shouted.

“ DeMire went too far one day and Timos called him out.”

“ Then what is the wait? Why is he being held?” Gage knew that Timos could smash DeMire in the challenge, therefore leaving DeMire as a servant to Timos for the course of a year.

“ Because DeMire knows he’ll lose.”

“ So no laws apply to the Western Hills villas or DeMire anymore? No warrior has insisted on the Ich-Vlah to take place and called the holding wrong?”

“ Like I said, my Lord, there are many still loyal to DaHee House. When Ambrus died, DeMire started moving his warriors in, saying it was best for the House. Your mother and Oisin allowed this in their grieving.”

“ Then where are our warriors?”

“ They had been scattered by DeMire and told never to come back or else face death.”

Gage turned, his gaze going out the window as his hand lifted, fingers brushing through his hair. It was then he noticed where they were. Whipping around he faced Kricus.

“ But?” Kricus smiled. “After Oisin’s accident your mother ordered us to find and bring back all the loyal warriors so when you arrive, you will have a force behind you.”

“ How many?”

“ All five hundred warriors have been recalled. Not only that, my Lord, but with them comes the support of three Houses in the Western Hills and two in the Southern. When the lords found out why we were recalling the warriors, they pledged allegiance to you, knowing if needed, you would have the backing of Arrian and Hedden house.”

A numbing sensation coursed through him making the hair on his arms stand up. Houses were pledging their allegiance to him from the ties and friends he had made as a warrior. This was something he’d never expected, the emotions unknown to him as his chest swelled with a large indrawn breath. “I—ah, I’m friggin’ speechless.”

“ As I thought you would be.”

Gage’s senses were very acute as Kricus put his hand on his shoulder.

“ You are worried about the politics of your lordship. You are a warrior, Gage, and that is what your people need now. They need you to come in as though you were going on a mission with Arrian House. They need that man, that warrior to save them from all that has happened. Worry about the politics later.”

“ Are you telling me to have no mercy on other Neris warriors?”

“ If these so-called warriors and members of your family were loyal to you, I would say have mercy. However they are not. Mercy is given where mercy has been granted. Have no mercy on those who murdered one brother and wounded the other so bad he will not wake up.”
* * * *
His adrenaline was up, his senses were heightened and every muscle in his body was ready for a fight as he stepped off the land cruiser with Kricus and twenty of his best warriors, the others hidden close by. His gaze immediately found DeMire and the surprise he showed by the slight widening of his eyes, before carefully masking his emotions. He’s weak and he’s out of practice being a real warrior.

“ Cousin, I surely wasn’t expecting this with your arrival,” DeMire stated as he stepped forward.

“ I’m sure. Where’s my mother?”

“ She’s—ah, Lady Runa is—ah, lying down.”

The corner of Gage’s mouth lifted without mirth, the stumbling idiot had no idea what he was in for. “You’re telling me that my mother chose to lie down upon her youngest son’s arrival home to take the lordship instead of greeting me?”

“ That’s my understanding.”

When Gage went to go past him, DeMire sidestepped him. His lips curled as a growl emitted from his throat.

“ I have a party planned for your homecoming, cousin.”

“ It will wait.” When DeMire stepped in front of him again, Gage’s nostrils flared and fists tightened. “Get the fuck out of my way, DeMire.” His face hardened and his teeth gritted when his aunt Ola stepped between them.

“ Gage, come and enjoy your party; check on Runa later.”

“ Move!” he shouted, enjoying the way she jumped with fright, quickly moving out of his way.

When DeMire stepped in front of him again, Gage roared. His fist flew, connecting with DeMire’s jaw, the feel of flesh and bone under his knuckles exhilarating as he sent his cousin flying backwards. “Do not get in my way again!”

Gage and his men stormed by them to his mother’s rooms. Anger coursed through him at their games to keep him away. “Kricus, have four men go to the kitchen and toss all prepared foods and drink out, nothing is to be kept if it has been opened. Replace everyone in there with the women of our warriors who came back with us.”

“ Yes, my Lord.”

His eyes narrowed with the sight of two guards stepping out of his mother’s chambers. “You’re relieved of duty. Remove yourself from this villa now.”

“ I don’t think so. I take my orders from Lord DeMire and you’re not him.”

Trained to never show emotion, Gage held his surprise in check as the warrior took a step toward him, eyeing Kricus to his side. “DeMire is no lord, nor will he ever be. No matter what his wishes are to take over my villa.”

“ Your villa?”

“ Step aside, fool, this is Lord DaHee,” Kricus stated.

“ I don’t take orders from you, my Lord.”

Gage’s fingers itched to wrap around this man’s throat, flexing them he stared the other man down. “Let me make myself certain as to what you say, warrior. You are refusing a direct order from me, Gage DaHee, Lord of this villa?”

“ Yes.”

The warrior’s smile was short-lived as Gage’s arm swung up, his Oklanian Saber slicing cleanly and quickly across the man’s throat. Gage’s gaze followed the severed head to the floor. Gage’s lips lifted with a snarl when his mother cried his name. His foot forward, Gage thrust his sword cleanly through the other warrior’s stomach. The look of surprise on the man’s face held as he yanked his sword out, grabbed him by the hair and swung, dropping the head when his mother cried out for him again. Stepping over the body, Gage knew Kricus was internally comming his warriors. The plan had been worked out when they had stopped at the encampment that his men were hiding at the edge of the woods. Quietly, the ones who had not come with them were now moving into position surrounding the villa as they stayed out of sight until they were called in.

His hands landed heavily on the wooden doors, thrusting them open. His gaze quickly found his mother who ran into his arms. “Mother.” The familiar scent of his mother calmed him. “You’re well?”

“ Yes, Gage. It’s Mieken. They hurt her when she defended me.”

Gage followed as his mother ran from the sitting room to the bedchamber. There he found a female warrior lying unmoving on the floor. “Mieken,” he said as he knelt next to her prone body, his mother already by the woman’s side. “What did they do?”

“ They shot her with two kaon charges when they couldn’t get past her physically and then shot her again as she lay unconscious.”

“ A med tech’s coming, my Lady,” Kricus stated.

Gently rolling Mieken over, Gage let his gaze roam over her face and figure quickly. He gently placed his fingers against her throat. Her pulse was strong. His lungs expanded with the indrawn breath he hadn’t realized he’d held as his fingers caressed down the side of her bruised neck to her bare shoulder. The tightening of his loins and twitching cock had him jumping up. “Why did they lock you in, Mother?”

“ DeMire wanted to get to you first; he thought you’d be alone. I think they had something devious planned for you, Gage. Mieken heard them talking the night before about a surprise for you at the party DeMire and Ola had set up. They must have my rooms under surveillance for as soon as she told me, DeMire had us locked within. The two out there tried to make us move from the room so we wouldn’t be here when you arrived, but Mieken stopped them. Your arrival saved her from more abuse.”

The muscle twitched along his lower jaw, hands tightening into fists. “Kricus, has Timos been released?”

“ Yes, my Lord.”

“ Then let’s join him in the main hall.” Turning on his heel, they meet the med techs at the door. He lifted his hand barring their entrance. “Treat Mieken as though she were me and make sure someone cleans the bodies from the doorway.” With the nod of the man’s head, Gage strode into the hallway heading toward the Lord’s Hall with purpose.
* * * *
“ Ah, cousin, finally you join us, please take your seat,” DeMire stated as he held out the chair at the head of the long plank table.

“ Go ahead, DeMire, seeing as how you’ve been scheming to take it from me.” His hand motioned to the seat, the expression of utter surprise and horror on DeMire’s face priceless.

“ I-I don’t know what you say, cousin. You’ve been gone a long time; I’ve done naught but assist where needed.”

“ Assisting in locking the lady of this House in her rooms.” His eyebrow arched as DeMire’s face reddened and Ola started screaming at the men tossing the food away. “Your guards are dead and you, cousin, have overstepped yourself within this House. It ends now.”

When DeMire came at him, Gage’s muscles tensed for the fight. Lifting his hand, his nostrils flared and his closed fist connected with DeMire’s nose, the hard cartilage cracking under his strength. Jolts of the percussion ricocheted through his knuckles. Grabbing his shirt, Gage tossed him onto the lord’s chair, jerking back when manacles came up to wrap around DeMire’s wrists. Gage laughed, his eyes mirthless as he rounded on DeMire. “You stupid piece of Miska shit! Have the entire villa swept!”

“ What are you going to do?” Ola cried as she ran between them.

“ I am doing nothing with him yet, however I can’t say the same for my friend.” The horror on his aunt’s face was amusing as Timos stepped beside him. “You look like hell.”

“ That happens when locked in a chamber with no light, little food and barely a corner to piss in,” Timos replied.

Gage motioned for his warriors. “Show DeMire the same treatment he bestowed upon a loyal warrior of this House for two days. Ola, I want you out of here now.”

“ But I have no place to go.”

Gage listened to her cry and stepped in front of her when she approached his mother. “My lady mother will not help you in any way. You have engaged in deceit in this House for too long and have worn your welcome out. You will leave this villa or I’ll personally remove you.” His face was hard and his jaw tense as he stared her down. “Do not play with me, woman; you will lose.”

“ You always were a bastard.”

A cold smile lined his lips. “Thank you.”

“ That one has the balls of a Fravillian Toasop.” Timos laughed.

“ How are you, my friend?” Gage grinned as he turned, meeting Timos’ eyes.

“ Better now that you’re home,” Timos replied as they grasped arms and shook once. “Have you seen my sister?”

“ She’s in the med unit, where you’re going.”

“ What happened?”

“ A few dumb-asses tried getting rough with her and Mother. They tossed three kaon charges at Mieken.”

“ Three?”

“ She’s fine, had a strong pulse when I left her to the med techs.”

“ Dumb-asses?”

“ A favorite saying of Lady Catrin Arrian.”

“ The Earthling Lord Niko mated to?”

“ The one and the same.” Gage chuckled as they walked out of the hall. Not losing focus for one moment, he was internally comming Kricus and his warriors to make sure all DeMire’s men were being removed and any threat to the villa was checked out and dismissed. Servants were being replaced with the warriors’ wives and family who had come back with them, until they could be verified as no threat to the House.
* * * *
Gage’s gaze was drawn to the gentle curves and lines of Mieken’s back as he stepped into the med unit. Slowly her head turned and her beautiful violet eyes met his. Lips tightening with the urge to bring his body and mind under control, he approached. “You’re well?” Damn, his voice ended up a bit rougher than he’d intended. Her smile stirred his cock.

“ Welcome home, Gage.”

For the love of the Gods, what was it with her that had his dick standing straight up? He’d never had this reaction around her before—well once, but she’d been naked. They’d always been at each other’s throats with pranks ever since he pulled the first one when she was seven. “It’s Lord Gage now,” his head tilted to see the insignias on the side of her collar, although he knew exactly what rank she held, “Lieutenant.”

“ Then I beg your forgiveness, Lord Gage.”

Gage didn’t know whether to turn her over on the bed and fuck her from behind with his hard cock, reprimand her for her familiarity or wonder what she was going to pull. “No need to beg, warrior, this day has been trying for all.” That’s it, keep it neutral, knucklehead. Gage bust out with laughter as Lady Catrin’s words popped into his head. “My apologies, Mieken, a friend’s words came to mind. The med techs have seen to you?”

“ Yes, they’re almost finished and then I’ll report to duty with Lady Runa.”

“ Thank you.” His gaze lowered to his hand as it mystically appeared on her shoulder, her bare skin heating him through as though on fire. Slowly he moved it away, the soft caress noted by her as he met her gaze. “Your loyalty to my mother is greatly appreciated. Thank you for keeping her safe.”

“ My loyalty to this house will never waver, Gage.”

Her whispered statement had more control over him than he would have liked. His gaze whipped from hers as Timos called his name. “Take care, warrior. I have other matters to see to this day.” Stepping away from her his lungs ached from being deprived of oxygen.

“ She didn’t piss you off, did she?” Timos asked.

“ No, now lay still and let them tend you. I need my best by my side as soon as possible.” Turning on his heel, he left the med area quickly, not liking the affect Mieken had on him, physically or mentally. He’d known her for years and all of a sudden his cock decided to stand up and take notice. She hadn’t changed much from his last visit, had she? “Damn it.”
* * * *
“ What are you smirking about?”

“ Nothing,” Mieken replied as she turned her head toward her brother.

“ What did you say to piss him off? By the Gods, Ke, he just arrived home to take the villa back and you’re pulling that prank shit?”

“ I didn’t piss him off and I didn’t pull any pranks on him, Timos. When would I have the fucking chance? I’ve been laid up here from three damn kaon charges.” Moving off the bed, she stood, buttoning the side of her Cerian bustier. “Damn it,” she growled as her fingers shook.

“ Lieutenant, you really shouldn’t be up yet,” a med tech advised.

“ I smiled at him and welcomed our new lord home. Is there a problem with that, brother?” Her eyes narrowed as she met Timos’, ignoring the med tech.

“ How did you say it?” Timos asked.

Her top lip lifted with the expulsion of breath emerging from her throat. “I said ‘welcome home, Gage’. So piss off, Timos, I don’t answer to you.” Turning on her heel, she exited the med lab quickly, missing his smile as she stormed down the hallway.

“ Actually you do,” he called out to her retreating back.

Her middle finger his only indication she’d heard his words.
* * * *
Mieken sighed as she lowered her tired, sore body down into the heated pool. The last several days had been a whirlwind of activity with Gage’s warriors taking back the villa. Every trusted warrior had been called to seek, find and remove any one not loyal to this House and she had been no exception. Even though she was Lady Runa’s guard, it was her first her duty to protect this House.

“ Are you well?”

The deep voice had her pussy muscles clenching as she turned her head. “Yes,” she replied softly, meeting Gage’s gaze, “and in my pool.”

“ I see that.”

When his eyes drifted down to the tops of her breasts floating on top of the water she curbed the urge to cover them with her hands. “I didn’t realize that becoming lord gave you the right to enter private rooms and ogle your warriors as they bathed.”

“ As a son of this House I have the right to go anywhere, as lord more rights and as a man, well hell, sweet, you’ve turned into a beautiful woman. You can’t fault me for admiring.”

A smile lifted the side of her mouth as he lifted his gaze to hers again. “Mayhap not, my Lord, but it is a little discomforting to be stared at so intently.”

“ I can’t be the only man to have admired you, Mieken.”

“ You’re the only one to do so with me naked and the only one who hasn’t ended up on his ass by now.”

Gage chuckled. “Is that because I’m your lord?”

“ It’s because you’re Gage.”

“ Hmm, interesting. I heard you were at the head of the skirmish that took place near the market.”

“ Can’t fool you.” She smiled, following his movement as he walked around the pool to kneel at her side. “I’m trouble.” His laughter had her thighs squeezing together, her pussy aching with want.

“ Well said, Mieken, but I must say, you’ve behaved yourself where I’m concerned.”

“ You’re lord now, Gage. I don’t think pranks are appropriate anymore.”

He shrugged a shoulder. “Mayhap not, but they kept us on our toes, didn’t they?”

“ Yeah,” she agreed, her smile matching his. “Maybe when things quiet down I’ll start up again, so you don’t become an old boring piece of bones sitting in the hall on your throne.”

“ Smart ass. You’re funny, you know that?”

“ I try, my Lord.”

“ Mmmm, somehow I don’t think you’ll let me become old or boring.”

“ I’ll do my best.” Her breath caught when she noticed the hardness of his erection.

“ I don’t like seeing bruises on you, Mieken, try to stay behind the men.”

“ Now what fun would that be?” she asked, her gaze lifting to his to see his focus on her breasts bobbing on top of the hot water again.

“ None, but it’s something I’m asking of you.”

“ I’m a warrior, Gage, and a good one.” After meeting his gaze they stared at each other silently for several moments.

“ I know. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be in charge of my mother’s guard.”

Mieken lowered her eyes and her head slightly to show her respect for him and his words. “I appreciate that, Lord Gage.”

“ Raise your eyes, Mieken. I don’t like it when you lower them to me, especially when we’re alone.”

His voice held a deepness, an emotion she’d never heard from him before and she lifted her eyes slowly. “My Lord?” Her head tilted with his growl as he jumped up, moving to the other side of the pool.

“ When the righting of this House calms down I think we need to speak privately.”

“ About?” she whispered, wanting to make sure she was thinking what he was.

“ Us. Are you claimed by another warrior?”

“ No.” The intense desire in his eyes and wooden nod of his head as he turned had her entire body tingling with excitement.

“ Keep it that way until after our talk.”

“ Then I suggest you speak with Timos. Several warriors have made offers.”

“ What of your father?”

“ DeMire had him killed.”

“ What?” Gage turned back to face her head on.

“ The night Timos challenged DeMire to the Ich-Vlah. It came about when father spoke up protecting Lady Runa and this House. DeMire nodded to his captain and he killed him in front of us all. Timos challenged him then, saying he was not the lord of this House and killing off its loyal warriors with no just cause was against the laws. DeMire had him taken and locked away. Of course it took six of his guards to bring my brother down. Lady Runa held me back knowing I’d be at his side. There were so few of us left who were truly loyal to this House, Gage, it was becoming scary. DeMire was just waiting for us to step out of his lines to get rid of us, one way or another.”

“ His greed knows no bounds. I’m truly sorry for the loss of your sire, Mieken. Know that DeMire will be held responsible for the wrongs he’s done every loyal warrior of this House.”

“ You mean after Timos beats his ass in the Ich-Vlah?” she asked with a smile.

“ Would you prefer his trial to be before or after his sentence to Timos is over with?”

Mieken’s eyes widened. He was lord, he did not have to ask her what she preferred. “I, ah, well that’s your decision, my Lord.”

Gage grinned. “And I’m asking what your preference is.”

“ Well, I guess it could be before, so he knows he’s not getting away with anything. But then again, just to be a mean bitch, we could let him think he’d be free after serving Timos and then arrest and pull him in to ruin his life.”

“ A mean bitch?”

“ Well, he did murder my father in front of us.”

Gage’s smile slipped. “Yes and he will pay dearly for that, Mieken, don’t think otherwise.”

“ I never did, Gage. I trust you to make the right decision for this House.”

“ Good then.” He smiled. “I’ll leave you to soak your sores away and see you on the morn.”

“ Yes, my Lord.”

“ Listen to my words, Mieken. Don’t jump in if you don’t have to.”

“ Then I wouldn’t be a warrior of DaHee House, my Lord,” she called out as he turned in the doorway smiling.

“ I don’t like bruises on you, woman.”

“ I’m a warrior, my Lord, and a good one. I will not back down, especially to those traitors. They will pay and I will do my duties even if I must bear a hundred bruises.”

“ Then I can see my hand swatting your bare ass frequently for insubordination.”

Her pussy clenched as a mental image of him doing just that flashed through her mind. “I didn’t think that was standard punishment, my Lord.”

“ It is now.”

“ Somehow I think you’d enjoy doling out such punishment way too much, my Lord.”

“ As you would in receiving it.”

“ I, I’ve never…”

“ Trust me. Goodnight, Mieken.”

“ Goodnight, Gage.”

As he disappeared into the darkness of her rooms, Mieken lowered her hand. Her clit throbbed from the excitement of him being near. “Gods.” Her lips parted ona satisfied breath as her fingers brushed over her engorged nub. She may be a virgin but she knew what pleasure was and how to obtain it. She just wished Gage would come back and watch. A chuckle escaped as she slowly opened her eyes. She could call him back here privately, but that would most likely lead to a place she wasn’t ready to go yet. She needed to know what kind of man he’d become, if he’d commit to her and her alone or if he was still a love ’em and leave ’em warrior. “Oh, Gage, your flirting had better lead somewhere wonderful.” Rubbing harder, her gaze lifted to the night sky and she cried out with her release. Her body jerked as soft sounds escaped her lips, not knowing that the man she’d fantasized about stood feet away within the shadows of her room.

Reviews For A WARRIOR'S LONGING by C.A. Salo
“A Warriors Longing is definitely steamy. The chemistry between Lord Gage and Meiken is strong enough to raise anyone’s blood pressure. C.A. Salo did an excellent job blending the sci-fi, romance and erotica genres. Not everyone can do it so seamlessly. ¼ it was a pleasant read, and I wouldn’t hesitate to read any of C.A. Salo’s other books.”
~ Victoria Cross, Night Owl Reviews

C. A. Salo
Erotic & Spicy Stories of Romance

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Fun Drink Friday - Champagne Punch

Photo by New Mom Kate


Units: US | Metric
1 (12 ounce) can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed (small can)
1 (12 ounce) can frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed (small can)
1 (12 ounce) can frozen limeade concentrate, thawed (may use 1 small can pineapple juice concentrate, thawed)
1 (2 liter) bottle ginger ale, chilled
1 (2 liter) bottle champagne, chilled

Mix the juice concentrates in punch bowl (do not add water).
Stir in the Gingerale then add the Champagne (do not stir after adding the champagne!)
** Note ** The large bottles of Gingerale and Champagne should be equal volumes (use 2 L. bottles).

I found this over on and thought it looked festive for the holiday season approaching, and if kiddies are attending, then leave out the champagne.

Have a great Friday all!!

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Sample Chapter -- A Lady's Challenge

Welcome to Neris, mercenary planet light years from our own Milky Way Galaxy.
Lieutenant Trea Padame, is not only the second in command of the mercenary warship Catalysts’ security division, she’s also hiding the truth that she’s a Lady to one of the warrior houses on Neris. She is to take her father’s seat as head of her family’s house in the Eastern Lowlands unless she can find a warrior to take as her life mate.
First Commander Daniel Hedden of the Catalyst is a man who’s used to men following his every command on duty and Trea following them in bed. Can the warrior in him find the way to free his heart of past memories, forgive Trea hiding her identity from him and let an ancient revelation come true? Or will he disregard all and face losing Trea forever to an enemy who’s set to take Trea and her village for his own?

“Damn it, Hedden, you’re an ass,” Trea growled as she grabbed her clothing. Tears threatened to spill, burning the back of her eyes as she pulled her Cerian pants up. She’d be damned if she cried in front of him, the jerk. Whipping around when his hand touched her back, she smacked it away. “Don’t.”

“ Trea, come on.” Daniel smiled, reaching for her again, only to have her move away from him. “Let’s have some fun, it’s not like you haven’t fantasized about making this happen.”

“ Fantasy is just that, Daniel. Just because I’ve mentioned the possibility during bed play, doesn’t mean I want to act it out.”

“ There’s nothing wrong with making it a reality. Just think of it as taking our relationship to the next level.”

“ What relationship?” Her breasts jiggled as she pulled on her bustier, turning to him with boots in hand. “Do you honestly think what we have has been any kind of relationship?”

Daniel frowned slightly. “Of course, baby. Isn’t this what you want?”

“ Why in the Fravillian Fires would I want to bring a whore into our bed? Aren’t you satisfied dominating only me?”

“ Yes, Trea, I…”

“ You what, Daniel? If you’re that happy with me then why bring another woman in?”

“ Because I thought that’s what you wanted?”

“ Have you come to know me so little in the time we’ve been together that you truly have no clue or are you just playing stupid to get what you want?” Trea growled when a slight smile lifted half his mouth. She knew he was thinking of her with another woman and while the fantasy was there, the reality of his game to get what he wanted pissed her off. “I’ve waited a year for you to get your head out of your ass, Daniel, to admit, or show me you truly want a relationship with me. The only thing you care about is sex and good times. Grow the fuck up. You’re supposed to be an Arius Warrior.” Knowing that would hit his gut like a punch, she turned, storming from his chambers. Damn men, damn First Commander Daniel Hedden. She needed to stop messing around with him and find a warrior who wanted to settle down. Sighing heavily, her foot falls sounded like thundering booms to her ears. She didn’t want to settle down with anyone but that ass. By the gods what was she to do? Striding outside the Warriors Hall, her eyes lifted to the bright glow of the moon.

A year, she’d put up with his shit for a year, thinking that maybe, just maybe he’d see how much she cared for him. But he hadn’t and tonight was the last straw. The ass wanted her to let him invite another woman in, one of the concubines from the House of Arrian, selected for the warriors’ pleasures. A frustrated breath left her as men’s laughter rang through the air, heading toward the baths. Trea gasped when her arm was grabbed, her body turned hard to come face-to-face with a pissed off Daniel. “Let go,” she snarled through clenched teeth, yanking on her arm to no avail. She may have zymotic implants, but she was still a Neris woman, confronting a Neris born man, and no matter how much strength the zymots gave her, she wasn’t as strong as a man.

Daniel’s lips curled showing his teeth as he snarled, “Don’t you ever question my status as a warrior.”

His low tone was filled with warning, but Trea didn’t care as her anger took over. “Then start acting like one.” When his jaw tensed, she could tell he was grinding his teeth together. “You’re second-in-command to a warship, yet you carry on as though you’re a damn ensign on your first mission.”

“ Which is my right!”

“ It’s also your right to act like the commander you are!”

“ Do you wish for an ich-vlah?” he breathed hotly.

Trea shook her head as sadness engulfed her, an ich-vlah was a challenge of status. It was often brutal and violent and occurred when one warrior defamed another’s standing. The loser ended up stripped of all rank for a year, servant to the winner in any manner they deemed. The fight left with her anger as a miserable sigh escaped her parted lips. “Is that what you want?” her whispered voice cracked. “Do you want me to challenge you, Daniel, so you can show others that you can best me, dominate me?”

“ I’m your commanding officer, Lieutenant, in bed and out. Don’t forget it.”

The breath exhaled from her lungs with a disappointed sigh, she never thought he’d throw rank at her. “I may let you top me in sex, Commander, but don’t ever think that off mission or off duty, you can order me around. I’m not a slave or your damn concubine.” Her heart ached from her rash decision, but she’d stick by it for her sanity. She drew in a ragged breath. “As of now, Commander, I’m resigning my position from the Catalyst. Please tell Captain Arrian that a formal resignation will be handed to him by my next shift.” Her head sagged as her eyes lowered.

“ What?” Daniel exclaimed.

He loosened his grip and let his fingers slid down her arm. Trea stepped back silently.

“ Trea, that’s stupid, you can’t seriously resign over this.”

“ Yeah, actually, I can.”

“ Gods, woman, think about what you’re saying. It took you two years to get this commission.”

Biting her bottom lip as his fists clenched with frustration, she glanced up at him under lowered lashes. “Don’t you think I know that? Don’t you think I know what I’m giving up?”

“ What do you want from me, Trea? Why are you so pissed? What the hell set you off tonight?”

The tears were so close. She was glad that her eyes were lowered so he couldn’t see the wet sheen burning them. Her voice was raspy as she turned from his gaze. “You don’t get it do you, Daniel? You haven’t gotten it at all in the time you’ve known me, especially this past year as you lay in my bed.”

“ What I know is you’re giving up the opportunity of a lifetime because of female emotions.”

“ Yeah, it’s all me, isn’t it, Daniel? When are you going to step up and take responsibility for something in your life? Just because you’re pissed at the world because of the way you were raised, isn’t my fault. Yet I always seem to be the one you take it out on. When are you going to open your eyes and see what’s right in front of you? When are you going to leave the past in the past and start living?” Turning, Trea’s shoulders sagged as she stepped away.

* * * *

“ Lieutenant Padame, are you positive you want to rescind your commission?” Lord Niko Arrian, captain of the warship Catalyst asked.

Trea kept her eyes straight ahead, looking at neither Captain Arrian nor Commander Hedden. Arms behind her back, she stood tall and answered clearly, “Yes, sir.”

“ Then you deprive me of your knowledge and experience aboard my ship. I hate to see you go, Lieutenant, but if this is your wish…”

“ It is, sir.”

“ Fine. Well then, your new assignment is head of security for my wife, Lady Catrin and my son, Lord Reeves.”

“ Sir?” she asked, her gaze lifting.

Niko smiled. “Catrin found out you wanted to leave the Catalyst and asked for you to act as her head of security. Do you wish to accept or should I find another assignment for you?”

Trea knew that smile. He had something up his sleeve if she denied what he was offering, because they both knew that Lady Catrin was more than capable of protecting herself and Lord Reeves. “Out of curiosity, sir, what would the other assignment be?”

“ Security detail for my father.”

Oh yeah, asses, they’re all working together. Stupid arrogant men. “I believe fulfilling Lady Catrin’s wishes would be wise for all, Captain.”

“ I do believe you’re right. I’m sure you know where to find my lovely life mate.”

“ Yes, sir.” Saluting him, she waited until he responded before turning on her heel. Daniel’s eyes burned into her back as she exited the chamber. As soon she closed the door she took a deep breath. By the gods she’d almost cracked in there. She should have known Hedden would speak to Captain Arrian privately. They were, after all, good friends.

* * * *

“ I think you just made a damn big mistake, my friend,” Niko said.

Pushing himself off the wall, Daniel frowned as he turned to face Niko. “Like what?”

“ Like pissing her off so much she left the Catalyst.”

With a scowl Daniel stepped forward. “I don’t even know what the hell I did, Niko.” The smile on Niko’s face was hard to miss. “Please tell me Catrin’s confided in you about what Trea’s talked to her about.”

Niko chuckled as he shook his head. “Nope, not a word, but it’s not too hard to see.”

“ See what?” he bellowed with frustration.

“ That she’s in love with you.”

Daniel snorted. “Not likely.” When Niko’s brows went up, he sighed. “I know she likes me, but love?” He frowned shaking his head. “Come on, Niko, I mean I enjoy our sex more than the next guy would, but that’s all it is.”

“ Ah yes, the sex. You’ve been with her for a year now, right?”

Daniel shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah.”

“ From what I recall, you’ve never stayed with a woman longer than three months.”

Following Niko as he left the chamber, Daniel’s eyes narrowed. “That has nothing to do with the time line. When we’re both here and not on separate missions aground, we hook up.”

Niko busted out with laughter. “Gods, man, open your eyes.”

Trea loved him. There was no way in hell that could be true, but then again if Niko was seeing it… Apprehension hit him like a proton blast. His chest hurt with a desperate need for air and he gasped for breath. “You’re seeing things.” Rushing from the hall, Daniel missed Niko’s grin as he headed for the Warriors Hall. A stiff drink and a good fuck would benefit him greatly.

* * * *

Grunting with frustration, Daniel rolled over in his bed, staring at the wall. His head ached from drinking too much red ale last eve, and every time he closed his eyes while trying to fuck a sweet little concubine named Nella, Trea’s face would pop up into his head. His hand came down hard, slapping the mattress. Every time he saw Trea’s face his cock sagged at the thought of pounding a pussy not belonging to his sweet little lover. “By the gods, what the hell’s going on?” he grumbled, pushing the cover aside as he sat up, hands running over the top of his head. He’d ended up pretending to pass out on the chit to save face, snoring loudly until she left the room. “What?” he called out, wincing as someone pounded on his door.

“ Hey, is it true Trea left the Catalyst?”

Daniel scowled when Gage strode in smiling. “What the fuck are you so happy about this morn?”

“ Seeing your stupid ass hungover,” he replied as Daniel’s brows went up. “Listen, we can all see how much Trea likes you, and I know how much you like her, so what’s the problem?”

Daniel frowned. “Just because we trained together doesn’t mean you know shit.”

Gage chuckled. “You know better than that, Hedden, and I have to tell you, the only reason half the warriors in this hall stayed away from Trea is you. They all know she joined the Catalyst to be near you.”

Daniel saw Gage hold up his hand when he went to speak and snapped his mouth shut.

“ We know that’s why she became a crew member. I’m not saying she didn’t do her job, because she did, she’s a damn good security officer and it’s going to be hard as hell trying to replace her. What I am saying however, is that now she’s not a crew member anymore, and warriors witnessed her storming out of here the other night. Some of the other men know you two had some tiff and that you brought Nella back last eve, so they’re considering Trea open game.”

His fists tightened, crumpling the bed sheets as anger ran through him. “They better stay the fuck away from her.” The thought of another’s hands running over Trea’s sweet body pissed him off. “If any one of those bastards tries to paw her, I’ll kill them.”

“ Then you need to make up your mind about what you’re going to do. Trea’s upset and the men will take advantage of that. If they harass her enough and she accepts one of the warriors’ challenges for marriage, you know as well as I, she won’t win. As well we both realize that she can have an impatient temper and rush into things if prompted the right way.”

“ Then she’s stupid,” he snapped.

“ No, she’s hurting.”

Daniel’s gaze narrowed as his friend left, shutting the door behind him. He knew Gage was right, he knew Niko was right, hell he even knew Trea was right. But to admit those feelings for another, especially a woman, was foreign to him. Sighing, Daniel flopped back onto his bed, staring at the ceiling. He had a mother sure, she was an off-worlder from Zunick who hated everything on Neris after his father had died in battle. The village lord wouldn’t let her take him to her homeworld to raise. So she took it out on him every damn time she could, and he knew that’s why he sabotaged his relationship with Trea the other night. He didn’t want another woman joining them. He hadn’t had such emotions swirling through him in a long time. Trea, Trea pushed his emotional level to the limit, so he reacted in the only way he knew how—he pushed her away. He knew not all women were like his mother. He’d seen kindness with Lady Helen, Niko’s mom, as well as Gage’s. It was just him—there was something wrong with him, to where he hid his emotions of caring from the ones he cared for. Maybe it was because his mother had left the moment he was old enough to fend for himself, leaving him in the care of others. Trea was special to him, he knew that throughout his entire being, but love…there wasn’t any chance in hell he’d love someone again. Marry her, sure, maybe, but she’d have to know there was never going to be any of that gushy, eye-batting love from him, and somehow he didn’t see her accepting that.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fun Drink Friday - Ginger Snap


·                         3/4 ounce(s) Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
·                         1/2 ounce(s) ginger brandy
·                         4 ounce(s) eggnog


1.        Add Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, ginger brandy, and eggnog in blender.
2.        Blend to desired consistency and pour into glass.
3.        Garnish with ginger snap for dunking if desired.

Serves 1
Total Time: 5 Mins

I found this yummy little fall drink over at Delish

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Wednesday's Herb -- Cloves

Do you stick them in your hams, add them to your spiced wine or cider? It's all yummy!!

Did you know, cloves have medicinal purposes as well?

The essential oils of cloves are used as a pain killer for dental purposes, the oils are applied topically right onto the painful tooth.

Clove is also used for upset stomach's and diarrhea. It also helps with vomiting and bad breath.
Cloves can be used to make an expectorant, to help you cough up that phlegm.

I've used cloves as a natural sleep helper. I've taken about four cloves bruised them slightly and put them into a pan with two cups of water, boil that down to one cup. I've added a touch of honey for sweetness and let it cool so I could drink.

Here's some special warnings I've found...

Children: In children, clove oil is UNSAFE to take by mouth. It can cause severe side effects such as seizures, liver damage, and fluid imbalances.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Clove seems to be safe when taken by mouth in food amounts. But pregnant or breast-feeding women should not take clove in medicinal doses. Not enough is known about the safety of using these larger amounts.

Bleeding disorders: Clove oil contains a chemical called eugenol that seems to slow blood clotting. There is a concern that taking clove oil might cause bleeding in people with bleeding disorders.

Surgery: Clove seems to be able to slow blood clotting, so there is a concern that it might cause bleeding during or after surgery. Stop using clove at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.

This information is solely for informational purposes. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE.
As always, please consult your physician before using anything.

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A Slave's Way Out -- Sample Chapter & Reviews

A Slave's Way Out was what I call my first big hit in the writing business.
A Slave's Way Out was submitted as an entry for a contest at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid and guess what...
She won!! *Squeal* 

I love this book! Catrin is sassy and Niko is just...yum

And guess who won Torrid Title of the Year in 2007
A Slave's Way Out is the 1st of 3 books in the Mercenaries of Neris Series and  the reviews have been awesome since she hit the market!!
Here's a few...

“C.A. Salo has outdone herself and I trust this is only the beginning of a bookshelf overflowing with sexy sci-fi treats. I hope there will be a story showcasing Trea and Daniel since their characters made such a lasting impression and added to what was already an outstanding read which I definitely recommend to the masses.”
Joyfully Reviewed

“I've read a lot of books over the years, but A Slave‟s Way Out is one of the hottest I've read in a long time. It isn't just the chemistry between Catrin and Niko, which explodes off the pages, or the dynamics of the secondary characters. It‟s that C A Salo shows a woman can be not only outstanding in her job that she fights for but also that she can be dominated by her lover and not look weak. When the reader first starts reading this book they are sucked into a different time and space right off the bat and aren't let go of until the last word is read. They realize the voyage is over. I hope C A Salo writes more about these characters as the world she's created is one you'll want to visit over and over again to see how each one is doing. This is definitely going on my keeper shelf and I am looking for more of her stories.”
Donna - FAR

They came from different parts of the universe: Catrin Munroe, a navy fighter pilot, gifted with visions and on the run from the alien race that abducted her; and Niko Arrian, a lord of Neris and mercenary warship captain, accustomed to women fawning over him and men cowering from a single cold glare.
When a vision guides Catrin to Niko, they find their lives filled with a passion neither of them ever expected. Will Catrin learn to submit to Niko’s dominant ways, and will Niko discover the sweet art of seduction and clever manner of compromise?
Sample Chapter 
Catrin worked her way through the crowded bar. Using the mirrors lining the walls, she glanced behind her to see the guards enter where she had just come from and her heartbeat quickened as they spotted her. She had to find a way out. If only she could get to the other side, she thought as she pushed past a couple kissing passionately. She snorted softly but continued to walk briskly; she knew that was nothing new. The people of this planet lived and breathed a BDSM lifestyle, with men the dominant sex. So if a ‘Master’ wanted to do something, he did it. She’d seen a lot of things since being plunged into this part of the universe, so nothing shocked her anymore.

The bar was full tonight, lots of different races, from humanoids to those looking something straight out of Star Wars, intermingling and drinking. The bar was in the shipping bay quadrant, where every race came to sell merchandise or goods, trade or buy or to just sit and drink while their starship was refueled. It was a place where one could get lost, and that had been what she was hoping for.

Glancing to the right she saw a game of Potash going on. It was a gambling nightmare, but these aliens loved it, especially if they won. The loser, however, was indentured for a year of their life to whatever the winner chose, be it house slave or sex slave. As she moved past another couple, the lights dimmed, and her foot caught on something and sent her falling into the person in front of her. “Sorry,” she mumbled, her gaze still intent on the escape path as she righted herself. She was almost to the door when she heard the guards call for her to stop and two more guards entered the door she’d been heading toward.

Oh shit. She hesitated briefly, quickly scanning the interior. There wasn’t another way out.
Glancing over she met the green eyes of a man sitting with several men at a table close to the door. Her lips parted on a gasp as a vision overtook her. Her brain went numb with a sudden flashing image of him smiling at her…naked. “Christ,” she mumbled as she headed right over to him. He was not the man she would have chosen for this. He didn’t look the type to let her control the situation or to give her his help and then allow her to run like hell, but she had learned to trust her visions. At least he had one hell of a body, muscled out with what looked like waist-length black hair, pulled back on top with braids hanging on either side of his rough masculine face.

Catrin made it to the man and kneeled at his feet just as one of the guards touched her shoulder. “Forgive me, Master, I could not find what you requested,” she said breathlessly, hoping like hell he’d just go along with her and not want too much for repayment in the process—namely her. But then again, she did just have a vision of him naked, and past occurrences have shown her that her visions always came true. With a mental sigh, she knelt there quietly, waiting to see what he would do.

Niko arched a brow as she glanced up at him under lowered lashes. “Why not?” he growled, figuring he’d play along and see where this led.

“She belongs to you?” the guard asked as his grip tightened on her shoulder.

Niko gave her a feral grin. “Apparently.”

“What the hell are you doing?” Daniel barked over their internal communication units, staring at Niko from across the table.

“Getting myself a free slave.”

“Do you think that’s a good idea?”

“She started it.”

“Well, what the hell, a free slave, why not?” he asked with laughter.

“My thoughts exactly,” Niko replied as his grin grew.

Niko and Daniel watched the woman narrow her eyes with a glaring look of intent. “Ooh, look at that, she has attitude.” Daniel chuckled.

“Sir,” the guard gritted out with agitation as he squeezed her shoulder with more force.

Niko watched the woman wince slightly from the guard’s pressure and lifted his gaze to the man. Niko used that same low tone as he had with the woman kneeling by his feet. “Remove your hands from her.”

“She doesn’t have a collar on,” the guard replied as he removed his hand and took a step back.

“We’re not from here.” Taking hold of her arms, Niko lifted the woman to sit on his lap with her back facing the guard, liking the way her short skirt slid up toned thighs.

“Then follow our rules, unless you want her claimed by another.”

Niko’s brow lifted at the tone in his voice. “Do you perceive to order me?”

“No, no, Lord Arrian, he does not.” Lar, Grand Marshal of the Hasian Republic, rushed to them.

Catrin tilted her head slightly watching as the guard’s eyes went wide from the grand marshal’s mere mention of this man’s name. Lowering her own eyes, she wondered why the two men would fear him so much, especially the grand marshal. True, the man was a simpering idiot, but he also held a position of power and didn’t rush to soothe anyone but the chancellor. Why was this rough man with the green eyes so different? Tilting her head a bit more, she kept her eyes lowered as she listened in on their conversation...

So there you have her folks, A Slave's Way Out
Have a great day!!

C. A. Salo
Erotic & Spicy Stories of Romance