Sunday, January 26, 2014

Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality

OK, have you guys seen this?? 

My husband comes to me and starts talking about Oculus Rift, I'm like what are you talking about?? 
My son comes out and picks right up with my husband ... as I'm sitting there listening to the both of them with a 'duhhh' look on my face. LOL.

Apparently, Oculus Rift is going to be the BIGGEST thing in gaming since gaming started. It started out as a kick start company and flew from there. (YAY to them!!) 
It's coming out this summer and has been sweeping all conventions.
OK, from what I understand it's virtual reality, where you use both the head set and the controller for the game. You still have the PC or gaming console you use.
My hubby says, if Sony and Microsoft want to stay in the game, they better be engineering their own version, and it will probably be about $500, which he says isn't bad at all. I say, can we buy stocks. 
But I am hoping secretly that it's easier to play than the controller only used XBox 360 and Play Station. 
HEY, I'm an Atari child and I cannot get the rhythm of moving two to three or more sticks, buttons or what ever to make my guy move! The last time I played a non Atari game, it was the Star Wars Lego's where my son would play Chewie and rip my arms off and laugh. 
I tried playing Gears of War or what ever it's called, but I couldn't even get my guy to walk in a straight line LOL. So ends C's hand at playing the newer games.
So kudo's to these guys!! I know Oculus Rift will be in this household with my two game players, hopefully I'll be able to master it as well :-)

Have a great Sunday!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Still getting Organized

So it seems, my office will be the last in the new house to get organized, LOL.
That's OK, as long as it doesn't take to much longer.
The kitchen and living room are all set, the boy's room is done, the bathrooms are up to speed and the man's office is good to go.
Little touches here and there still need to be addressed and boxes in the garage unpacked, but that can wait.
Next stop my office (which will probably be this weekend)
Then we can continue on our regular blogging schedule
         Wednesday's Herb,
Fun Drink Friday &
Sunday's Writing Blog here and at Nice and Naughty Authors.
So until then, hold on with me and we'll see what happens LOL.
Thanks all!!
Have a great Wednesday!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Paranormal ...

YES!!! The Mighty Minotaur

In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm particular to mythological beings of all kinds. 

So my new story, The Minotaur's Mate
will be releasing with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
JULY 2014

I was trolling the internet looking at pictures on day, and several  gave me inspiration for this story. I can't remember the artist name of the above picture, so if the artists see's this, let me know and I'll put up a link to you.

So that's picture number one, I also ran across one that had a half man, half bull looking individual with a fairy up close to him and they were looking at each other with love. Can't beat that folks!!

My hero, I need to say who is strong, bull-headed (LOL - of course) but with a soft heart, was imagined after ...

Yes, you've guessed it ... Dwayne Johnson, formerly known as The Rock.
I can't help it, I think he's a hunk-a man!! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Release Date for The Guardian's Bond

YES, the final story of The Other Kin Series will be released on:

May 2015

I'm sooooo stoked!! May is just around the corner and the month of my birth so what better month than to release my last story in this series.

Heads up ... 
We jump ahead a little bit to where Olivia Roven is now grown, on the hunt to take her mate while protecting Alston from a group of human hunters. 
Nope not telling you anymore than that at this point.

FYI...This series is best if read in order.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Comcast SUCKS!

Yes, you heard me correctly, this is me getting ready to blow my top with Comcast!!
ALMOST 3 weeks later and we finally have internet back!

Comcast customer service really needs to be trained on how to properly do their job! I'm not talking about being nice or courteous, because they were, they receive an A in this department.
I'm talking about about how to accurately do their job and give the customer the correct information.

We called Comcast a week, let me reiterate that... A WEEK before our move into our new house to have our services "Transferred".

Move into new house = no service?? huh ??

Call Comcast ... nice lady on phone says, "Oh the other customer service rep put in to disconnect you not transfer your services."
OK do you mix up transfer with disconnect??? and still state transfer to the customer while on the phone with them??
So, nice customer service lady says, "No problem, we'll have you up in two days."
OK, I can deal with 2 days.
3 days later = no service.
Call Comcast ... Customer Service Guy says ... Oh not sure what's going on, let me see = on the phone with him for an hour. Him trying to 'sell' us what we don't want. Listen buddy, just give me my service. 
Comcast guy says, "Okay, someone will be out in 2 days to connect you, no problem, sorry for all your issues, we'll get it taken care of right away."
3 days later = no service and this chick starting to get mad. So, husband calls Comcast, while I'm at the day job, so i don't ream Comcast out a new you know what.
Comcast lady says, "Oh I don't know why they told you 2 days, that's not right, he never should have told you that, it will be between 2 days and 2 weeks."
EXCUSE ME ... No wait ... X-F'ING CUSE ME!! 
They are the lucky ones, my husband was the one who called! We Called a week before the move to have services "TRANSFERRED!" WE are not the ones who messed up, because they don't know what the hell they are doing!

OK...Calm and live with it...2 weeks go by... YES, 2 weeks go by and guess what ... NO SERVICE and wait for it... wait for it...
They bill us for the time of the 'transfer' to the owed billing date.

So my husband goes down to the local Comcast building. Where he reported they are all nice and know what they're doing but treated you as a number not a customer with an issue.

So as you can see we now have internet! YAY!!

And when we have our first HOA meeting, you bet I'm going to be voting to let other services in, because we are not the only ones who've had issues with them! We're supposed to get FREE basic cable as part of our HOA fees, but when you call Comcast, they transfer you to three different people and still can't find the right bundle package or what ever the hell they call it.

I warned my husband, you just wait until we're back up, I'm blogging about this!

Thankfully we have DISH, so we had TV, and our tech's are out of the OCALA, FL area ... NOW, they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They bend over backwards for their customers and make you feel like your appreciated for being a customer. A rarity in this day and age.

So end my rant. glad to be back, have a wonderful day all!!