Sunday, November 29, 2015

Apology to my Readers, Publishers & Friends...

So it’s been a while since I’ve been online, especially social media. It’s not something that was foreseen and I had little control over, even though I wanted to and for that I apologize to my readers, publishers and friends.

Being diagnosed with an invisible medical issue was hard enough, but the effects were a bit harder as it was something I was not prepared for.
Thankfully I have an outstanding doctor who saw straight into the problem and jumped on it immediately.

I’m still battling with some issues from this diagnosis, so for now I’ll be keeping what it is to myself. I know thousands of people out there deal with it on a daily basis and speak of it openly, but I’m not ready for that and may never be.

Those who read my blog or posts know I don’t usually post anything that is not ‘author’ related in some sort. I’m a very private person. Even with my personal accounts where I have only family and friends on, I don’t post anything to personal.

I do want to say I’ve had the utmost support from my immediate family, best friend and (day job) boss! Support I never thought I’d have, and for that I offer the most heartfelt thank you!

My goal this year was to have two completed manuscripts sent into publishers.

Well I can say that has not happened. I did finish one, at the beginning of the year when my RWA chapter started our Prod Your Muse competition for its members. 

I can’t guarantee it today, but I’m hoping to have it sent into one of my publishers before the end of December.

That is my new goal!

I knew I was feeling better when I went and sat in my writing/reading room (my office J ), just sat there, dusted a little…OK a lot J, then a few days later had a plot rumbling through my skull and the very next weekend sat down and outlined it.

Then this week during my time off for the holiday, I had another plot rumbling, sat down the day after Thanksgiving and outlined that one as well. WHAT? You thought I was shopping on black Friday?? You’re crazy LOL. Only on-line J  (I worked to much retail in my younger years to even want to step foot outside my house on that nutty day J)

I can’t say I’ll be posting every week or twice a week (Fun Drink Friday) But I’m going to give it a shot. I want my routine back!

Here’s to routines!! (Coffee mug held high) J