Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lazy Day

So as the title says, it was a lazy day at home today, and I'm posting this at 7:43 PM, LOL.

As you can see above we have a cup of hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream.
My son is awesome!!

Also used a gift from yesterday's holiday party with my RWA chapter one of the members made for everyone. Homemade bath salts. :-)  Loved it!!

Made pork chops for dinner, then worked on some decorations for the Christmas tree.

It was a good day to relax and do nothing...well almost nothing LOL.

Read Lots and Stay Spicy!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Back in the Writing Mode :-)

So I've finished my office wall finally...well ok, it will probably NEVER be finished LOL.
But my husband finished my customized white board months ago. He worked faster to get it done hoping it would help motivate me to come back into my office / writing / reading room, and the poor thing has just been hanging there until recently.

It works great!! I bought the Expo Bright Sticks Fluorescent wet erase bullet point 'markers' and have had plot, characters and worlds sectioned out. I even wrote on the bottom of one chapter that 'I needed a bigger board' lol. He said, "There's no room for it." Next house I guess ;-)
Then my dad brought me down some Broyhill cabinets all the way from Pennsylvania. :-)
I have some stuff on the shelves, but have plans :-) I have plans :-).

My son told me my writing is no longer my 'hobby' so I needed to find another avenue to relax. He's right! Writing has not been my 'hobby' in a long time! It's a career I want to take full time and exceed at. So I've two ideas to try out to see how I like them.

1. I've decided to make a wedding album, as we've been married almost three years and I still cannot find one I like.

2. On the bottom shelf of the cabinet closest to the windows, I'm going to try my hand at constructing a Fairy Village. ( I put some of the materials and books on my Christmas wish list :-) )

And the wonderful news since last week -- I've been able to sit down and plot out two more books. I have one more to go for a series I want to do and the first manuscript is already finished.

You don't know the relief of being able to have plots flowing through my mind, that the well has opened up again and it's filling with the freshest water one could ever imagine.

NOW I KNOW I'm on the road to recovery!! And it's given me the hope that I'm going to be ok, that I can work through anything that comes up and hits me smack in the face like a wet diaper :-) LOL, YUCK!! Hahahaha.

So my office / writing / reading room is not completely finished in decor, nor will it ever be knowing me LOL. My husband is helping me pick out a comfortable chair to sit in when I don't want to be at my desk to read or write. Of course it has to be big enough for the fur baby lol. Elvis sits everywhere I do.
Elvis waiting for me to sit down and start writing :-)

He's also mentioned getting me a new chair for my desk, as I gave my newer one(the one above) to my son when his broke ;-) MOM's it's what we do LOL.

Stay well everyone and Stay Spicy!!