Sunday, May 28, 2017

I'm nothing but a big Tease... ;-p

The next few weeks, you'll be seeing teasers about my new release, Roma and Runa.

On June 1st, you'll have the answer to the one below.

What's inside the package?? 😜

Well, if you received my newsletter, you'd already know 😀 my newsletter peeps found out on May 22nd, 2017.

You can always sign up for my newsletter at:

In fact, that's the way to be entered into the drawing. 😉

Stay Spicy my peeps!!

C ~

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Roma and Runa Pinterest Boards are up

AVAILABLE 06.21.17

Roma and Runa's Pinterest Boards are open 😃

I love Pinterest, because I can visualize my thoughts. Sometimes it helps while writing and how to write a certain look, like the Thug vehicles from Runa.
And, it gives my readers a slight inside as to how I visualize stories.

I am soooo psyched for the release!!!!


Read Lots and Stay Spicy!

C ~

Sunday, May 7, 2017

HELP - Which to Pitch at RWA

I've made the decision to pitch at RWA this year.

Because I know it's going to take a lot of work for me, who can be tongue tied or talk a mile a minute when nervous.
Not to honest am I 😜

So I need your help ... I'm not sure which manuscript to pitch.

They are both Sci-Fi, Spicy Romances

Which one would you want to read?
1 or 2

Thanks peeps!!!!

Read lots and Stay Spicy!!
C ~

~ 1 ~
Two-Thousand years have passes. A lone survivor of Earth awakens to find herself on a Warship with cat shifting aliens and on the run from others who want to dissect her, dead or alive.
Mira Noell awakens to discover she’s the only one left alive from Earth, now a waste dump for the Galaxy.
Tier Chula, Captain of his warship and heir to the Chieftain seat is both awed and frustrated by this rare red headed beauty.
When Mira’s life is in danger from a race who wants to cut her up, Tier protects her. A passionate night brands Mira as his life mate, confusing him as to why his animal side would chose an Earth female.
Until Mira becomes ill and his home is attacked by the same alien race who tried to take her off his warship.

~ 2 ~
When Aleigha Peon’i is taken from within her own gardens, she fears the worse from the Shilan warriors as their planets are once again at odds.
Upon arrival to Rahde Kahn’s home planet, Aleigha discovers she’s been wed to Rahde since her birth and signs the contract, hoping for a better life than the one she had under her father’s rule.
Mixed emotions swarm Rahde, from anger over Aleigha not wanting to stand up for herself, to her being denied how to please him as her mate.  When Rahde announces, he’s sending her back to her father, Aleigha runs in fear of her life.
During her travels, Rahde can hear her weeping as she sleeps from a telepathic bond. It destroys him to know he’s caused her so much pain and reaches out to set things right between them.
On her way back to Rahde, his sister shows up to accompany her, both find danger from a rouge animal intent on making them his meal.
·        Stand alone with a sequel possible.