Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Newest Member of the Famliy

This is Elvis. The newest member to our family.
He's a 9 month old red dachshund and was a rescue.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nice N' Naughty: Some Nook reviews drive me up a wall...

Nice N' Naughty: Some Nook reviews drive me up a wall...: And they're NOT even for my books. What am I talking about you ask, well just sit back and let me tell you.

I have a Nook and I love my Nook (thank you my sexy man for buying it for my birthday *wink*), I scour the NookDom every day looking for a good read. Now there are a lot of good free books you can download and I do. I love reading, Hello *knock, knock* I'm an author, of course I read. I read anything from Shakespeare to the Erotic in all sub-genres.

So, what has me in a tizzy...

OK, so I'm surfing and find a book that looks interesting. It's M/M -- ladies and gents, it's soooo obvious before you even read the overview what the genre is as there are two male chests on the cover. NOW what do you think it's going to be??

So here I am tulling through the reviews and a lot of them are very flattering to the author and the book, when I run across this...

"This is so disgusting, two men, how can you write this trash."

Well I took a double take just to make sure I was reading it correctly and immediately got pissed at this Anonymous reviewer.

SERIOUSLY person, are you Serious?? You cannot tell me you did not know what you were downloading to read! The book cover, the title the OVERVIEW for cripes sake says it all!
Creative Criticism is one thing but bashing just to bash, is what's disgusting!

If you're not into reading about different sexual situations, then don't freaking download a book that is not straight-laced, vanilla, or you're type of enjoyment. If you don't like 'spankings' then don't download a 'spanking' book. How freaking more logical can I say it??

The sad truth is, you know they wrote it just to be mean and bash the author and the book.

Item two...

Found another great book, you can tell from the cover it may lead to a menage, Yes, that's a threesome, three people in one sexual situation. I mean come one, there's two male chests and a female on the cover. The overview states it's a menage paranormal, Hmmm...can't get much clearer than that right...or so we thought.

Reviews all good, until this pops up...

"Well it was a good book until there was an anal sex scene, they should have made that more clear, it's gross, I never would have downloaded it if I knew there was anal, it just puts me off."

Ok, it puts you off, no biggy, but let us step back here a moment and take a look at that cover again...*Carefully eyeballing* and YEP I have come to a conclusion...

Are you blind??? Again, Seriously?? There are two men and one woman on the cover, it's an EROTIC read, did you not think that with two men and one woman there may be some anal??

Alright, I can see if there was only one man and one woman in the story, where the reader might have stated such if 'anal' wasn't listed in the overview, but it's still an EROTIC read, it can happen. (I know because I wrote an anal scene in A Slave's Way Out and that's one man on one woman.)

Nook readers you also have to remember, this is not the Publisher's website. Most publisher's give a little more information about what's in the book, like...anal or BDSM or M/M or F/F scene, even if you're looking at the EROTIC books.

But what do you think is going to happen with two men and one woman?? Maybe not in every book, but with a menage there's a good possibility there will be some anal going on.

All I'm saying is if it's not your type of read, then why bash the book after you download it?? If you download it just to see what it's like and you don't like it, well, that's ok. There's something called responsibility on your end too, it just didn't download on it's own. You had to hit the button TWICE to make sure you want the download.

I love and I'm sure my fellow authors love to hear CREATIVE CRITICISM for their works.
If you don't like a book, there are ways you can point that out without being nasty and mean.

Happy reading all!!