Sunday, December 8, 2013

Oiiiii sick of being sick!!

Soooo, today is the first day I've been on the computer in over 2 weeks. That's right, count them, 2 long weeks. 
I have to apologize to my blogs and readers!!
I think I had the cold and the flu at the same time! It was horrible!!
My poor husband and son suffered big time...they had to make meals don't you know ;-) LOL.
I took over the couch and made it my sickie area, I hate that but for some reason, I don't like being in bed when I'm sick ;-P and of course my fur babies snuggled right up to their momma keeping me company while the two humans stayed as far away as they could get from me LOL.
So, now I'm in a rush to finish two art forms I started for Whiskey Creek Press Torrid before I took ill, so my two newly contracted manuscripts can come to life in the form of e-books :-)
The Minotaur's Mate
The Guardian's Bond - Other Kin Book 4

And move. That's right, while I was shuffling around like the walking dead :-/ We did our final walk through, closed on our newly built house, transferred all utilities *phew* I'm pooped already! So the move will be taking place in a week or so, we're doing little things between the day jobs like hanging ceiling fans, installing roman shades and... oh I love my husband!! :-) he's so handy hehe.
Needless to say, the tail end of this dragging cold/flu thing is finally going away!! Thank Goodness!!
Stay healthy, warm and safe!!!!