Sunday, November 17, 2013

2 New Contracts ... Sneak Peak


Yes *Fist Pump*, I just signed 2 contacts to have -- 

The Guardian's Bond - Other Kin Book 4


The Minotaur's Mate

Published with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!!!!

How exciting!!!!!!!

I feel like a squirrel with a nest full of acorns!!

Here's a sneak peak into both...

The Guardian's Bond
 Who says guardians can’t be sexy, and sassy with one hell of a right hook.

During a training session with Triton, Prince of the Seas, Alston Guardian Olivia Roven, hears Dragon Hunters planning to capture the pregnant Dragon Shifter in America.

Hurled out of the sea by a Kraken, Livi races to save her aunt and will stop at nothing to protect Mari and the people of Alston; after all, she’s seen first hand how the darkness in people can rip families apart.

Livi loves tempting Tommy Moilanin, her childhood friend turned tormentor. However, what Tommy doesn’t know is that he’s been mating with Livi since she came into season five months ago, for Livi didn’t shift Lyken, she shifted Fae.

Tommy and Livi must work together to protect Alston, even going undercover at a Dragon Hunter’s camp to gather information, ending up with Livi beaten and them trying to escape.

Now they have two tribes of Dragon Hunters coming in force to invade Alston and scare out the Dragon.

However the Dragon they get, isn’t the one they were looking for.

The Minotaur's Mate
During a bar fight, truck driver Serafina Rinne accidentally hits the one man who could ruin her career. Sheriff Gabriel Conall.

Serafina’s amazed at the way her body leaps to life around the brawny Sheriff, wanting nothing more than to jump his bones, she goes quietly when he leads her into the Sheriff’s station.

Then Gabe makes her an offer she can’t turn down…stay in jail or gain her freedom, he’ll drop all charges – all she has to do is help him and the town folks move a Dragon egg.

Finding out that she has the blood coursing through her veins and although watered down by her human side, Serafina can still see past the creatures’ glamour shields they project to the rest of the world.

Serafina finds out Gabe’s a Minotaur, and he’s as drawn to her sexually as she is to him, leading them down an explosively passionate path.

When a stilted lover tries to kidnap the egg, in route to its mother, Serafina puts her life on the line to save the baby Dragon.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fun Drink Friday -- Smirnoff's Honey Cider

1.5 oz. Smirnoff Wild Honey
2.5 oz. apple juice
2.5 oz. cider

Shake and serve over ice in highball glass.

OK, this looks just too yummy and I think it needs to be tested 

I didn't realize Smirnoff made a honey vodka
I think I'm going to have to cruise the Smirnoff site a bit more.

Have fun and remember to always drink responsibly!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Veterans Day -- Thank you!!

Thank you to all our Vets past and present, for your service and protection of this country!
You are and always will be greatly appreciated!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fun Drink Friday - Absolute Stress


1 ounce Vodka
1 ounce dark rum
1 ounce peach schnapps
1 ounce orange juice
1 ounce cranberry juice


In a shaker combine vodka, rum, schnapps, and juices, then shake well.
Pour over ice in a tall glass and garnish with an orange slice and  a cherry.

I found this little gem over at All Recipes
Not sure why they named it Absolute should have been named "Absolute Stress Reliever" with all these liquors in it. LOL.
Have a great day all and remember to always drink responsibly!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday's Herb -- Cinnamon

Cinnamon, Cinnamon, Cinnamon

I love Cinnamon and use it daily. I tap a little of the ground Cinnamon in my coffee every morning or on my blueberry waffles, or in my oatmeal.

Well years ago, they ( doctors) wanted to put me on medicine for my cholesterol.  Now take in to effect when I say years ago, I'm talking about 20 years ago, when I was in my twenties.
Of course I said...go blow 

there was no way I was going on cholesterol medicine at twenty-something years old.
So I looked for a solution.

Cinnamon is known to lower cholesterol, and I have to say it's been working for me for 20 years. The last time I had my blood work done, I was right on target. YAY ME

From what I understand it also helps with type 2 diabetes and blood sugar. 
There is a chemical in Cinnamon which has also been known to help with menstrual, and arthritis pain.
It's a NATURAL food preservative and has anti-infectious compounds.

So yeah, I like my Cinnamon.

This information is solely for informational purposes. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE.
As always, please consult your physician before using anything.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

3 Manuscripts are away.... the publisher(s)

Other Kin Series - Book 4 - The Guardian's Bond
has been submitted to Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
along with...
A new erotic paranormal manuscript - The Minotaur's Mate

Erotic contemporary
A Cowboy's Way 
has been submitted to Black Velvet Seductions.
A Cowboy's Way does have the potential to become a five book series, sooo we'll see how it goes 

So, what am I working on now...
Well, I've been thinking of starting an erotic sci-fi romance 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fun Drink Friday -- Fire and Frost


1 Part DeKuyper Hot Damn
1 Part DeKuyper Peppermint Schnapps

How to Make

Add ingredients to an ice-filled shaker.
Shake and strain into a shot glass.

Find this recipe and others at: DeKuyer Cordials & Liqueurs