Sunday, January 24, 2010

Restarting an Entire Manuscript

Yah, wow, I'm doing it now. I had wrote a story that's been sitting on my good old computer for about three years now and one of my publishers is opening a new line. AWESOME I thought, my story meets that!!

But, one little issue...the story just wasn't strong enough in the reality zone and well it has to be, because this one is present day here and now read, no Sci-Fi or futuristic worlds to build. I had some wonderful feedback on how to make the book better, so that's what I'm doing now. As soon as I read the "New Line guidelines" I started DECONSTRUCTING the story.

Nothing like waiting three years to start a story over :-)

This is one area where I love technology and computers, COPY & PASTE people, copy and paste!!

At this point I'm not finding it hard to rewrite the plot line, I'm just going with the flow. I'm a panster writer. If I plot, it's all in the head and then onto the computer screen.

I am figuring on hitting a bump or several somewhere along the line of reformatting this read and hopefully will be able to pull through it with barely any frustration levels, but we all know how that goes :-)

So has any writer out there torn down one of their stories and started from new before? Any suggestions or ideas?

It's like writing a whole new story to me and exciting!! Plus I don't have to come up with the characters names again, LOL, that's usually the hardest part for me, LOL.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Great Review for Destined to Mate

Destined to Mate by C.A. Salo

Posted under Adult Content, Book Reviews, Shapeshifters, e-books by Amy on Wednesday 30 December 2009 at 7:56 pm

Morgan is an Alpha. He saves Alexis when a huntress swings her sword to kill her. Surrounded by Lycans, her inner beast forces her to change. Morgan is puzzled. He has no idea who and what she is. He met various species – fae, vamps, etc - before but he has never met one like her. What puzzles him the most is the attraction between them. He never wanted a mate before, but now the idea seems very alluring. But can he handle her?

It started off very interestingly. With every flip of a page, I went deeper and deeper. The story sucked me into it, and I just can’t stop myself wanting to know what might happen next. I enjoy every second reading it and was frustrated when it ended. Argh!! I so want a sequel for this. It just started to get really good in the end. C.A. Salo continues to outdo herself in this novella. Great read!

Book Stats:

Thank you Amy and Bitten By Books to take the time to read and write a review for my book!! I appreciate the feed back and happy that you enjoyed my writings!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cat Toys

I have a cat, she's about 5 years old and for the past year my son has been hounding me to get this lazer pointer they sell in pet and department stores for cats to play with.
Well I never picked it up because I thought, why in the heck would the cat want to run after a little red dot. It's not a ball that she can chase and pounce on or swat around or one of her other toys that she can touch.

So, let's just say that I gave in and we bought one for her stocking for Christmas.What the heck...she loves the stupid thing!

A red dot that she chases all over the place but can never catch and she goes crazy for it!

Her pupils get big and round, almost filling up her eyes and she goes after it like psycho kitty.
Do you have a pet? What's the craziest thing you never thought they'd like and they do?

Miss Kit Relaxing

Miss Kit During a Red Dot Chase

LOL, Okay, she was yawning, but come on, it's a funny pic *grins*

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Short Work Week

Good morning all, or should I say afternoon. ;-D

Yes, it's past noon and I'm finally moving around. Seeing as how this will be the last four day week for quite a while I seemed to have taken advantage of it and stayed in bed until I felt like getting up.

Yep, I'm sitting here drinking coffee in my pink snuggie that my honey bought me for Christmas with my cat on my lap and the boys watching television, that's right the AMC channel 'The Unforgiven'. Haven't seen that in awhile.

Thanks to this four day work week, I was able to sit down, finish my art form for A Lady's Challenge (sequel to A Slave's Way Out) , releasing in May 2010 with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. As well as take a look at several I've had sitting on my computer for a few years, to edit and sent out. Yep, I said a few years, more like four. LOL. What can I say, sometimes the day job and homeschooling just plain poop me out by the end of the day and when I'm sitting on the couch vegging, I'm looking at my computer knowing I have work I could be doing. That's the reason I decided to take my newsletter from posting every month to posting quarterly.
So yes, she's up! LOL.

What about you guys? Any take advantage of a short work week because of the holiday?